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XBOX 360 Hard Drive Prices

I've been looking around for a Xbox 360 hard drive to go along with my XBox 360 and I'm really taken aback by the prices. I think I'll end up getting the 60GB as it is not that expensive, but searching online has led me to some not great prices for the 120GB model.

Most places like Best Buy, Future Shop & The Source all have it for $159.99. Costco, where you are supposed to find deals has it for the most expensive at $199.99. Tiger Direct is right behind at $194.99 and they list the original price at $251.99!!!

What really gets me is that my LaCie drive was cheaper at six times the storage. To bad you have to use the official hard drive for save files and demos and no generic drive would do. Microsoft must have a pretty good margine on those drives.

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I Was There for the War

The Escapist, an online magazine I've never hear of, did a great send up of the current next generation console war. Which if you believe them, and they are quoting Wikipedia so forget it, is in it's seventh cycle. Who knew.

Zero Punctuation: Console Rundown

I discovered this while trying to see if Veronica Belmont has launched her Mahalo Daily show. Which she hasn't. Come on Veronica!

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