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The Band’s Back Together

Last Friday to celebrate the end of summer / Labour Day weekend we had a corn roast at work.

My co-worker Christ sang and I accompanied on my guitar. We only had two days to practice and I hadn't played so much guitar in three to four years. We only did three songs, but I believe in quality over quantity.

These are some other videos posted on YouTube from some of my co-workers. Wow, multiple camera show!

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Think You Have a Loud Work Place?

The loading dock at work is getting replaced! Yah! My back is so happy!

I was worried they would be hammering all day but it was over pretty quick. Luckily it all happened at lunch time so I retreated to the cafeteria while they finished up.

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The Sky is Falling

Yesterday on the south shore we had quite the thunder storm (there was even a little hail). So as per usual our parking lot in the rear flooded and everyone had to move their cars.

What caused all the excitement was that the five drains on the roof were clogged and water began draining into the offices. Yikes! So ceiling tiles were collapsing and everything had to be covered with plastic.

05-06-07_1246 05-06-07_1344 05-06-07_1442

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