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Typepad Micro & The Real Reason You Should Care… Or Not

I don't know how many of my fellow VOXer's read Team Vox's latest post but there is now a free version of Typepad called Typepad Micro.

I'm guessing with the prevalence of Twitter (@grantalias), Six Apart wanted to get into the micro blog / status site. We all knew this was eventual since their acquisition of Pownce's earlier this year.

I've done a test post on my Typepad Micro so you can see what it looks like.

You can have links to all your online sites like flickr, Vox, Facebook & Twitter. Those of us from Vox will find it very familiar. I wish it could automatically pull data from those services. It would certainly save some time for the user.

Unfortunately (like Vox) you can't pull Facebook photos but unlike Vox you can't pull photos from any service or video sites for that matter (which you can do on Vox), unless you use embed code. Unlike Twitter there isn't an ecosystem of third parties developing sites like Twitpic to close the short comings.

The only real saving grace is that you can use the Typepad iPhone app to post while on the go (which is how I composed my first post).You can link it to both Twitter and Facebook with manual or automatic posting to each service as you wish is nice. To bad it won't cross post to my Vox account. Too bad there is not a Vox app like this. And no Blog It does not count. Don't even get me started there.

Since it's Typepad you can import and export your blog to or from it. With Vox there is no such ability and I'm pretty much screwed if I ever want to move anywhere else.

UPDATE 11/24/2009

I've discovered that you can seemingly cross post from VOX to Typepad Micro (along with other LiveJournal) . I have not posted enough to actually see it work but some of you might find it interesting. My main goal was to see if I could then export my posts, but it doesn't seem possible. Maybe it's only for the paid version.

Here are the directions

  1. Click Account
  2. Click Outside services
  3. Add Blog
  4. Enter login information & save settings.

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Let’s Go Phishing

If you want to test your phish-dar, SonicWALL can test your skills at discerning between legitimate and illegitimate emails.

Afterwards you can see why each email is legitimate or illegitimate and hopefully it will help you spot future phishing scams in your inbox.

How did you fair compared to me? No peaking.

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Download Day 2008: Spread the Fox

Help Firefox set a Guinness World Record for the most downloaded program in one day this Download Day.

Firefox is a great web browser and I've been using it for years. They made tabbed browsing cool and have tons of add-ons and themes to suite every taste or need.

So give them a try. Download day starts June 17th at 10am Pacific or 1pm Eastern. You can figure out the math for Central.

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VOX Explore

Has anyone noticed that the Explore VOX page does not seem to be updated as often as it once was? Is it just me? Do any of you even visit the different editorial sections (Culture Entertainment Life Music News & Politics Technology) or know about it?

Since VOX created it I check every day to see [what is good]. I miss it. I just hope they are on vacation and no giant Godzilla like creature has devoured the Six Apart offices. Or maybe they are getting ready for SXSW.

Update: VOX Explore is being updated again!

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