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What a Difference a Few Years Can Make: The Steve Jobs Edition

Steve Jobs @ the D1 Conference 2003

All Things Digital has posted interviews with Steve Jobs dating back to 2003, including this years D8 interview.

Interesting in hindsight to hear Steve talk about what was going on for Apple at the time and future interests they have.

The computer industry moves so fast that Steve Jobs 7 years ago talking about the PC sounds like common knowledge today.

I picked out some of my favorite parts:

  • Steve says you couldn’t do a music store on an iPod and sees it as a satellite device. He goes on to say that a PC has a big hard drive, a big screen, a big keyboard, a fat pipe to the internet and able to run applications and unless there are breakthroughs in fold-able screens in the coming years a music store would need a bigger screen.
  • Even back then people were wondering when Apple was going to make a tablet. At the time they had no plans and Steve says that it’s great that Microsoft is trying. “We look at the tablet and think it will fail”.
  • When Steve said If you do any volume of email you need a keyboard. I guess he was referring to a virtual one. Of course if you keep the word count down you can respond to a lot more people.
  • Classic Steve Jobs telling us what we want when we want it “Watching video on a small screen is clearly not fun”.