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Wal-Mart Shuts Down Quebec Union… Again

Having closed the Jonquiere Quebec location in 2005 coincidentally after workers there formed a union, Wal-Mart is closing a tire-and-lube garage in a Gatineau where in August a Quebec arbitrator imposed a collective agreement on the company.

It's a shame that the world's largest private employer doesn't treat their workers better.

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Day One Recap

So the drive down I found long and arduous, the boys were a little of a hand full and refused to fall asleep until we were almost at our destination.

I did score a free NY road map and a really nice road side assistance brochure that has I-87 broken down by rest stops and all pertentant information if you broke down. And it folds out into a SEEN HELP sign that you can leave up in your car window. What an excellent idea, never seen anything like that for free at home.

We went to a Wal-Mart since we were a little early to get our motel rooms. But I must say the Lynn Aire Motel is a great place to stay. Sure Clean, modern and did I mention the free Wifi?

So funny story at Wal-Mart. I picked up a 12 of beer and went to pay for it at the self serve check out lanes. Of course it called for an attendant since you have to have ID. So I showed the young woman my Quebec drivers license, which she told me was illegal as valid ID and she wouldn't expect my old expired Passport (that USA Customs had no problem accepting and they out terrorists).So she grabbed the beer and walked off all snarky.

I asked an associate about it and she said that a Quebec drivers license was acceptable form of ID.

So take two. I got another case when to the cashes and the woman there just passed me thorough. Maybe it was because by this time the boys were getting a little hyper (that's the polite way of putting it) and she just wanted to help us get out of the store.

After lunch and getting unpacked in the Motel, we went to Target and the boys picked out a vacation toy each. Carts got a Thomas & Friends train and ET got a Batman Fisher Price play set that was only $14! Target to me is a little like Zellers but everything is completely in English. I couldn't get over how the new Star Wars Toys are so much cheaper here. Like $3 less a figures!!! I would have loved to get the Millennium Falcon play set. Donna asked how much it cost and I responded "did it matter how much our wedding cost? This would look so good in our bedroom!" Joking, joking.

Unfortunately, I forgot to look for cat hats, but I'm waiting to hear from my Mom if she wants us to get some for her.


Dinner was at Pizza Hut which has been the fanciest restaurant we have ever taken the boys. The kind of place where you pay after you eat.

After that it was back to the Motel and we were all in bed by 10:30pm.

Today we're planning to hit the Great Escape with our LaRonde season passes and parking pass that is good down here also!

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Star Wars Mighty Muggs

I don't know about you but I'm very rarely impressed with the toy selection at our local Wal-Mart. It seems if you ever want anything of note you have to drive down to the USA to find if it (thanks Greg & Scott).

That is why I was blow away like Alderan (sorry) when I caught sight of Han and Chewbacca on a bottom shelf.

I've never heard of Mighty Muggs before so please excuse me if I'm the last one. These things are totally cute. If cuteness powered the Millennium Falcon it certainly could do the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs (even if parsecs is a unit of distance and not speed).


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How Wal-Mart Killed the Small Town Economy Twice

Usually a small town mall dies when Wal-Mart shows up, not when it leaves. But that's what I'm afraid will happen to the local mall now that the Wal-Mart is relocating to brand new digs at the Dix30 outside of town.

It's quite surreal walking the aisles and seeing most shelves empty and all the racking over 6 feet already gone.


I'm really going to miss the convince of the old mall. At one end was Wal-Mart, the middle there was a Maxi grocery store (which is also moving to the Dix30) and 30 or 40 other small stores. I'd hate to see this mall become a ghost town like so many others. Well lets hope for the best.

ET was running around and hiding like an ostrich which was a) very cute and b) thankfully really easy to find him when he ran off. As he unfortunately tends to do sometimes. Just another reason why I'm going grey and slowly losing my hair.

Afterwards we drove out to the new location to figure the best routes to and from as I'm sure the traffic will be horrendous once it's up and running. And yes dad thanks for telling me about the road that goes by the train tracks to get there from our house.

Part of me is feeling nostalgic for the old mall but I can't help be excited about the new store. I was blown away when we visited the Mal-Mart in Lake George last summer and can't wait to be able to pick-up milk when we do our weekly Wal-Mart trip.

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