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We All Know How This Ended

If you've been reading the last couple of days worth of posts you know where I'm going with this.

Both mom and dad were out for the count earlier tonight. I managed to get some dinner made for the boys. But I quickly took a turn for the worse… and well needless to say I feel much better now.

The boys were great for us, little angels in this our time of need. Ethan kept asking Mommy Daddy sick? And told us I love you in only the way little kids can. So cute.

My parents did an apple juice and Canada Dry run for us since Donna's not feeling any better and I really didn't want to be sick driving to the store.

Thanks guys.

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The Other Shoe

I think Carter had a bug because tonight before dinner Ethan was sick. Luckily for us at the age of three children are able to make it to the toilet in time. Poor little guy.

One gets better the other gets sick. And the universe is once again in balance.

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Here We Go Again

Last night as I was going to bed (around 1am), I caught a whiff of that smell all parents dread… vomit.

I checked on Ethan and he was ok so I thought maybe I imaged it. Then I checked on little Carter and the smell hit me as I walked into his room.

So strip the sheets on the crib and change him and luckily he went right back to sleep. I just hope it was something he ate, because when Carts gets a bug he's vomiting for 10 days.

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