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StarCraft 2 Play By Play

I'm pretty excited about StarCraft 2 coming out sometime in 2009 (in time for my birthday? Please?). Blizzard has released a video of an alpha map being played by two associate game balance designers.

What's a real add to the video is the running commentary. Having never played the game you can get some really good insight to game play dynamics and strengths and weaknesses of the new units.

I just hope my already 2 and a half year old system won't be that long in the tooth to play the game. A 3ghz box doesn't mean what it used to.

Knowing Blizzard's other games, there will be quite a good story driving the single player campaign. It must be since they are going to make it a trilogy and there will be three games to tell it

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Bike Hero

If you haven't seen it, here's the viral marketing Guitar Hero video that was made to promote the new game (that I bought for Christmas as a family gift and it's hidden away till the 25th). Regardless of it's professional source it is still fun to watch.

Guitar Hero virtuoso Freddie Wong took offense to the viral video and did his own version of Bike Hero. While it doesn't have the step up of the first video it does show off his amazing Guitar Hero skills and bike riding sans hands.

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The Economy At Home This Holiday Season

  • Quebec's consumer watchdog,  Options Consommateurs wants the province to make it illegal for credit card companies to solicit new customers. It might be a little nanny state, but the real problem is that some people do not have the life/economic skills required to deal with having credit. This usually leads to bad credit. I wonder if this is an over correction on their part to the credit crisis south of the border? What's needed is education for some and not taking something away from everyone else. Of course I don't think I would be alone in missing all the junk mail from credit card companies offering new cards we can't afford.

  • CBC News has an Econometer (that is updated daily) based on consumers confidence
    in the economy. Right now it's pretty evenly balanced from extremely worried to the worst is over. You can weight in on what your feelings are on the subject by completing the poll.

  • The OECD says that Canada will be hit by a recession and unemployment rates will increase. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says that we're not in a recession but we may face a technical one. I'll say that politicians are proficient at double speak. I wonder if a technical recession will be easyier on low income families or people who have lost their jobs.
  • Since it doesn't take an economist to realize that spending will be down this holiday season, it will probabley mean better deals as retailers try to entice the few willing to part with their income. I wonder if stores staying open later on the weekends in downtown Montreal will entice more shoppers to spend? Even with the undergound city and extended hours I'm sure the cold and snow will keep a good number of people away regardless of the economy.

  • I've heard time and time again that during these troubled economic times, video games are a recession proof sector. The idea being that people are more willing to spend money to nest at home then venture out. It might be true… I've ordered a XBox 360 (as media extender first, game system second). It does certainly seems that the video game industry in Quebec is doing well.

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Doctor Who Video Game?

Checking out some older Dueling Analogs comic strips, one grabbed my attention. Which one? The one that referenced an upcoming Doctor Who video game. Doctor Who video game?!?! How did I miss this?

A Gamespot article from July (three months pass for me to hear about this! Yikes.) mentions that it will be hitting multiple platforms, from consoles to cellphones. And we can expect it this coming holiday season from publisher Eidos.

Eidos has brought us such gems as Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Carmageddon, Thief 2 and Pony Friends. Oh boy. Let's think the best and wait and see.

But the game play does look like it's going to be based on the Top Trump card game system. Some how I don't think the Daleks would seem that intimidating with a Yu-Gi-Oh card decky thing-a-ma-gig.

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