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Grant 1, Mac 0. Take That Steve.

Well it looks like I don't have to buy a Mac anymore.

As I tought (but didn't want to do the work) the trouble I was having was with The ipod cannot be synced. The disk could not be read from or written to. error message was a conflict with my on board USB.

My on board USB is a VIA chip, luckily had a PCI USB card in my old computer I could pilfer. It was a VIA chip also, but with a different chip set and model and about three years old.

I did return the 8GB Touch since it had some hot pixels but they didn't have anymore in stock so I had to get the 16GB. Donna bought it back in November when FutureShop was offering US prices and told the sales guy about it. He matched the price of the 8BG and took off 10$. We also got a Belkin car and home charger kit for 30$ off. And he replaced the case Donna had bought me with a better one for a lower price. I jokingly asked him if the stuff had fallen off a truck, but he assured me that they didn't.

Now if you'll excuse me I have some music to sync.

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