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Follow Me Follow You?

Us Internet elite (oh how, I wish) have been using Twitter for a few years now.

I follow my favorite bands, celebrities, TV shows, comic writers, the a fore mentioned Internet elite (love you guys) and a few people I know from internet or IRL.

I’ll never have 100,000’s of followers and that’s fine really. Besides everyone knows it’s just a popularity contest that makes the ones from High School pale in comparison. God… if you told me twenty years ago I’d be pining for High School again I would have punched you in the face.

The idea behind Twitter (and all social media) is that if it’s done right it’s granular, organic and most of all there is transparency. You have personal investment in the other party and they in you. Like the kids say keen’ it real.

That’s why getting continually getting followed by people, organizations, companies and social media experts (they don’t get their own category so much as a special level of hell when I get a blind follow) gets me down. There’s three kinds of follows I hate a) I’ve never heard of them, b) are not relevant to me in any shape or form or c) have no idea how they even found me in the millions out there. That’s why I fell dirty knowing that they are only looking for a knee jerk follow back to bost their numb. Let me tell you this isn’t MySpace and I’m not going to thank you “for the add” with some god awful animated gif of a [add cute animal name here] doing [add some adorable act here].

There’s nothing worse than when someone blindly follows.

Thankfully, Twitter can lead to funny internet videos that only the cool kids understand…. but for how long.

Typepad Micro & The Real Reason You Should Care… Or Not

I don't know how many of my fellow VOXer's read Team Vox's latest post but there is now a free version of Typepad called Typepad Micro.

I'm guessing with the prevalence of Twitter (@grantalias), Six Apart wanted to get into the micro blog / status site. We all knew this was eventual since their acquisition of Pownce's earlier this year.

I've done a test post on my Typepad Micro so you can see what it looks like.

You can have links to all your online sites like flickr, Vox, Facebook & Twitter. Those of us from Vox will find it very familiar. I wish it could automatically pull data from those services. It would certainly save some time for the user.

Unfortunately (like Vox) you can't pull Facebook photos but unlike Vox you can't pull photos from any service or video sites for that matter (which you can do on Vox), unless you use embed code. Unlike Twitter there isn't an ecosystem of third parties developing sites like Twitpic to close the short comings.

The only real saving grace is that you can use the Typepad iPhone app to post while on the go (which is how I composed my first post).You can link it to both Twitter and Facebook with manual or automatic posting to each service as you wish is nice. To bad it won't cross post to my Vox account. Too bad there is not a Vox app like this. And no Blog It does not count. Don't even get me started there.

Since it's Typepad you can import and export your blog to or from it. With Vox there is no such ability and I'm pretty much screwed if I ever want to move anywhere else.

UPDATE 11/24/2009

I've discovered that you can seemingly cross post from VOX to Typepad Micro (along with other LiveJournal) . I have not posted enough to actually see it work but some of you might find it interesting. My main goal was to see if I could then export my posts, but it doesn't seem possible. Maybe it's only for the paid version.

Here are the directions

  1. Click Account
  2. Click Outside services
  3. Add Blog
  4. Enter login information & save settings.

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Live From The Twitter: The Return of Posts… Hopefully

If you're a regular or long time visitor here to grantalias, you're probably thinking with the regularity of posts I'm either dead or living in a cave. Neither of which is true but sure feels like it sometime. As you can see in the photo below we are kept very busy by our growing family.

I am also desperately waiting for the release of Windows 7 so I can buy a Dell I have my eyes on and get back to editing the family videos (and subsequent posting of said video). As I do not have the time to take my production machine off-line and do a clean install to freshen it up; and after 3.5 years it needs it big time.

Here are the stats of the Dell I'm looking at.

  • Intel® Core™ i7-920 Processor(8MB L3 Cache, 2.66GHz)
  • 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1066MHz
  • 1TB – 7200RPM, SATA 3.0Gb/s, 16MB Cach
  • ATI Radeon HD 4350 512MB

The service I use (and many others around VOX) to post their tweets to their blog is back up. Loudtwitter is a great tool to automatically post my tweets here in a hidden post and then every couple of days I can go back and delete the junk and (hopefully) flesh out the gems with photos and video.

My real problem is that SixApart has let VOX languish in a time capsule these past three years. When I look at the other social community web services like Twitter and Facebook and how they interconnect with my digital life, VOX pales in comparison.

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Live From The Twitter: MJ Edition

A little help from my tweets.

  • 18:31 Judging by tweets.. Michael Jackson just passed away. Still looking for links to confirm so don't quote me. (via @ijustine) #

  • 18:37 CTV Montreal confirms Micheal Jackson died. RIP wacko jacko #

  • 18:01 Michael Jackson 911 call released bit.ly/1HU3NX (via @montrealgazette) #

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Live From The Twitter: Quebec Edition

A little help from my tweets.

  • 19:27 English bands still on bill, says producer tinyurl.com/klt7t8 (via @ctvmontreal) Way to make Anglos fell like 2nd class citizens. #

  • 22:48 Anglos win battle of the bands snipurl.com/k75fm (via @montrealgazette) Good to know common sense prevailed. #

With la St-Jean-Baptiste next week on the 24th or La Fête nationale du Québec (if you want to be less political) polictics has once again soured the day. You think by now we'd be used to it.

It really is a shame that there are a small vocal minority that view this day as one for the Pure laine exclusively. At least there is a move to be more inclusive than exclusive as in the past.

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The Great Facebook Vanity Name Rush

I hope everyone (who knew of cared enough) got the name they wanted.

Donna and I were serendipitously still up at midnight and watched the countdown ready to snipe our preferred vanity names. Which we both got!

I supplemented it with following the #fbookvanity on twitter. It really felt like a new years countdown, but without Dick Clark and not Times Square.

Mashable has a great post and videos on the whole event that I'm going quote to death. It took 3 minutes to reach 200,000 names and an hour for a million.

Even though I was following the discussion on Twitter I had a good conversion going on (where else) Facebook.

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Live From The Twitter: Political Edition

Just a little help from my tweets.

  • 10:44 Tiananmen Square protest 20 year anniversary, Associated Press archive photos: bit.ly/NK2Xa #china #tiananmen (via @latimesphotos) #

I was talking with a 20 something co-worker and made a offhand comment about Tianamen Square. He had never hear about it.

This blew my mind that he had never heard about one of the worse attacks on a people by a government in the modern times.

  • 10:30 We'll have the full transcript and recorded video of the President's speech on www.whitehouse.gov shortly. (via @whitehouse) #

  • 10:27 The Great Firewall of China Stands Tall, Still Not Unbeatable – bit.ly/bAiHA (via @mashable) #

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Live From The Twitter: Music Tuesdays Edition

Because I have no time to post, I need help from my tweets.

I'm not going to lie, I went to high school with two of the guys in the band. That said, I defy you to listen to the track Bombs Bomb Away and not be singing it all day.

FYI, you can buy the album for a $1 cheaper and higher quality from their site as apposed to iTunes.

  • 07:12 Wow! Wish I had gone Rock Band instead of going Guitar Hero. I just don't have room for 2 plastic drums & 4 guitars bit.ly/7HfkY #

This cinematic trailer for The Beatles Rock Band game is breath taking. My tweet pointed to a G4 YouTube video but they have seemed to pulled it since this morning.

The animation is really elegant and (pardon the pun) really rocks. Of course it never hurts to have The Beatles as a soundtrack.

I always find it bitter sweet to see videos like this of The Beatles. Maybe it's because they were such at great band and they'll never make anything more. Maybe it's because their music is the sound track for a time of change and yet simpler times.

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Live From The Twitter: The V Edition

Because I have no time to post anymore here are my tweets.

  • 07:07 Looking forward to ABC's V remake. Hope it's half as good as the Battlestar Galactica remake. bit.ly/zHR83 #

Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

    Looks like they will be playing up the religious aspects of the Visitors. I actually reminds me of Battlestar Galactica, but that could be that it's a remake of an 1980's sci-fi show.

    When the original aired way back when my mom actually wrote a letter to the local broadcaster in regards to the Visitors eating rats (or mice) and how inappropriate it was to air it. I also remember watching at a friend's house on their beta or vhs player since my mom was that hot on us watching it at home.

    So as long as they didn't show us all the good parts in the trailer, I think it might be a good series. 

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    Get Out And Vote!

    Liberal Party
    Conservative Party
    Bloc Québécois
    Green Party

    As I was reminded by one of my VOX neigbours, today is the Canadian Federal Election and I am passing along the reminder as well.

    No matter who you're voting for you only have till this evening to decide the future of our country for the next few years.

    What's interesting is that the main three parties have also truing the the social media like their counterparts down south. You can follow Jack Layton of the NDP, the Liberal Party and Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the Twitter.

    If you need some help deciding on who to vote for or who not to vote for, why not check out the main players sites to get an idea what they are about.

    Liberal Party of Canada
    Conservative Party of Canada
    Bloc Québécois
    Green Party of Canada
    New Democratic Party of Canada EDIT corrected accidental omission

    And swing by Elections Canada to see what pieces of identification you'll need at the polling station for instance.

    Remember lots of people have died in horrible wars past and present so we can complain about how our votes don't count. Also, you might forget that our grandmothers or great-grandmothers couldn’t even vote if they wanted to. Don't waste this privilege and right. Get out there and vote!

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