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The Future of Tv

Looks like Leo and Amber will be doing a live chat on the Futureshop site this coming September 27 @ 2:30pm EST. You'll need to sign up for the Futureshop forums to participate. For a second there, (before I read it) I thought they were going to be appearing at my local store. And then I was trying to think of ways to get the day off work so I could see them.

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Laporte Road

Checking out Leo Laporte's new blog I couldn't help but notice the banner image.

It looks very familiar to the real rue Laporte in the Laurentians.I did email this to Leo years ago at TechTv but never had a response. I wonder if he ever got it.

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I’m The Next Victim. Help! But Atleast They Read my VOX

Listening to the latest episode of Net@Nite they talked about a viral marketing advert for the Showtime series Dexter. It's about a serial killer that kills serial killers. So not for the kids.

This video made my hair stand up and I knew what I was getting into. So you might not want to send this to people as they might get a little freaked.

MessageMy namePattern

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Two months after the  iPhone is released to overwhelming hype success Steven Jobs dropped the price by $200. Yikes. That's right $200 dollars.

So Steve has posted an open letter to all iPhone users about how basically this is great for Apple and the coming Christmas buying season. Also how there will always be people who buy a product before a certain price drop and those who are eternally waiting for the next one. But they are going to give iPhone early adopters $100 Apple store credit to make up for it.

CNet's Molly Wood goes off pretty hard on the price drop on last Thursday's epside of Buzz Out Loud.

Thank god that there are people like Leo Laporte that drive down prices for the rest of us. Usually right after he buys a product, you know there's going to be a price drop. Thanks Leo.

And finally, does anyone else think it strange that you can order the new Nano's on Apple's Canadian site when all the Canadian outlets are only allowing you to pre-order for the end of the month?

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