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Toy Window Shoping

This is why I love going to Wal-Mart without the kids so I can stop and window shop and enjoy awesome toys. It's a rare occurrence and I totally have to thank my parents for looking after the boys for a few hours on the weekend.

Sadly they are both $50 each and I fear they would never survive in our house very long. I learned that lesson by letting the boys get their hands on my Jedi Starfighter and Slave 1. It's a miracle they have kept their hands off my Doctor Who Dalek which hangs on the basement wall.

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Bay Back to Ruin Transformers 2

So in the span of two days I've had some highs and lows.

First off Micheal Bay said in a post that due to Paramount dropping Blue-Ray support that he would not be back for Transformers 2. Ya! I thought, now someone who actually liked and/or watched the original series might get a crack at the fledging franchise. I guess someone from the Paramount head office had a little talk with Mr. Bay and now he's on board for HD-DVD. Oh well.

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What Movie Did They Watch?

I didn't want to do this but I feel I have to.

During last week's vacation, Donna and I went to see Transformers (the first movie we've seen in a theater in at least a year and a half). So needless to say even Donna was looking forward to see the film.

I didn't mind the hour it took even to see the first real glimpse of a Transformer and I expected it to be a little weak on the story side since it was a Michael Bay film. But when Optimus Prime leader of the Autobots says "My bad" I had to start thinking maybe this film was in trouble.

Don't get me wrong, I got goosebumps when Optimus did the "Autobots roll out!" thing and sure the effects were great but at 2 and a half hours long, this could have been an hour and a half long flim.

The typical Hollywood character development, meaning show the soldier talking to his wife and baby girl back home then have the transmission cut out when the Decepticons attack. See now you care about this guy, now you know he's not just fighting for the USA or himself but he's going to kick some Decepticon ass for his little girl back home. And that's about how deep they got on the characters.

If they do a sequel, they seriously need to pull back the camera on the fight scenes. When you have two robots the size of houses fighting it out and the camera is about three feet from them all you see is a mass of metal rolling around. Plus up close they were all pretty much the same metally grey colour anyway.

In the end it was still a fun three hours out of the house, I just wish Megan Fox was my local mechanic.


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