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Torchwood Series Two

Torchwood's second series is starting in January 2008. Now All I need is to find a proxy so I can actually view the website. BBC America is supposedly going to be airing series 2 just two weeks after it airs in the UK, but I can't find anything on the site to corroborate the rumor. What's more discouraging is that I can't find anything on the CBC site either mentioning series 2 even thought Torchwood is a co-production between BBC Whales and the CBC. Oh well.

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Carts Update

I tried to do some mobloging, but it didn't work and I for sure wasn't going to let all that hard iTap texting go to waste. Times like this I wish I had an iPhone.

Carts update. Still in the hosiptal. Maybe get out tomorrow. I hope. @ 10 he was sick from all the cougching. Donna is tally lucky we switched tonight.

I found out our neighbor was watching Torchwood on her media device. So we had a nice chat about Doctor Who and British shows we have in common, Going to sleep now.

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BBC on CBC in HD and Online

Having already seen the first season of Torchwood, I haven't caught it's North American debut on the CBC.

That didn't stop me from visiting the CBC to see what they are doing to promote it. Let's just say we shouldn't have complained about the lack of promotion of season 2 & 3 of Doctor Who.

What caught my eye was that Torchwood seems to be broadcast in HD? I just might have to get my sister (who has a HD tv and satellite box) to PVR an episode so I can see how nice it looks in HD.

On the Doctor Who front, the CBC is streaming the last three episodes of series 3 online at their Doctor Who mini site. So if you want to catch some Who legally visit the site. If you're outside of Canada I don't know if there are any restrictions to viewing them (as the BBC site often does on content). At least it looks better than YouTube.

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