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Imitation Is The Greatest Form Of Flattery

This certainly isn't the first Wii knock off and it certainly won't be the last but this one makes the Vii look like a next gen console.

I caught this gem of questionable design inspiration called the Tilt on one of our recent grocery store trip.

It looks like you play the game on the little screen above the D-pad and of course there is motion sensitively included.

I can't believe you actually need that many buttons to play this level of video game. But even if you do need all of them, one hand would have to over lap the other to play the thing. I do love how the button on the reverse is a steal button, quite appropriate I would think in this case.

I'm not the only one to have found these Wii look a likes laughable and as usual YouTube has a plethora of examples of the game play… if you can call it that.

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