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Thursdays, Just Spread Out


Having not been to car Thursdays for a few weeks due in part to the usual child herding issues we encountered last time and in addition my attempt to curb my addiction to strawberry parfaits (which is failing miserably), we took another go at it.

And you know what? The boys pretty much behaved themselves (until we started to leave). But over all it was a nice outing with the family. For some reason ice cream always makes family outing go better.

Carts was quite taken by a stuffed dog in a car and the lady actually let him sit beside it so I could take a picture. As you can tell he was extremely excited. ET was offered to get in as well, but I guess we've already instilled in him the fear of getting into a strangers car so he declined the offer.



Superizingly I don't believe I've seen this car on a Thursday before. ET and I found it interresting since the engine was in the trunk and I though it was pretty strange seeing the gas tank lid forward of the driver's side door.

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I Can Dance If I Want To

Carts is turning out to be quite the dancer. When ever we're out somewhere and music is playing he'll start dancing. And it's so adorable.

But of course any of you who have siblings know that if the opportunity arises for one to make fun of the other they'll go for it.

Of course this is the older brother ET who never dances making fun of Carts.

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I See You on Thursday

Carter was sad to see Ethan and I leaving tonight, he's so cute.

My dad joined us for this week's Thursday cars / ice cream night. I guess because of the downpours we had today there was 1/5 the turnout there usually is. Even though it was nice in the evening I guess a lot of people decided to say home.

Ethan likes to see the inside of the cars so I always pick him up so he can look in. It was bound to happen, tonight he accidentally kicked one of the cars as I was holding him up. Not at all hard, he was just swinging his legs. Well a guy came over to tell us off like he was going after it with a sledge hammer.

I don't know what annoyed me more, some guy telling off my kid (who I was in the process of disciplining) or that he thinks that a canary yellow '96 Mustang is a classic car. If my kid really wanted to destroy your car there would be nothing left but a crater. He's three, cut him some slack.

After checking out the few cars that did show up, we headed across the street for some ice cream. Thankfully with the cool weather there was no line up and we were able to get a table. Ethan stayed remarkable clean. I think it was the cool weather that stopped his cone from turning into a puddle in his hands. Whatever the reason I'm not going to question it. My dad made Ethan hysterical by pretending that his finger was a mouse popping out of the sun umbrella hole in the table. Ethan likes to laugh.

After that we dropped in on my sister to see the new windows they had installed today. I was very excited. I guess it's from years of watching this old house with my dad.


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Disney Thurdays

Asper usual Ethan and I went to check out the antique cars again and to my ever gowning amazement there's still new ones to check out. This weeks hit was the Disney van. The photos don't do it justice. The characters were pretty on model regardless of the panel shape or curves.


There was also a dragster that showed up on a trailer. It even had one of those little training wheeley things out the back to keep the front end down. When they started revving the engine it gave Ethan quite the fright. It was freaking loud. I was worried that it might damage his little ears.




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Pictures Not Available This Thursday

So my newish camera had begun to give me an error message regarding the memory card. And for a while all I had to do was remove the SD card blow into the camera (think NES cartirige cleaning procedure) and no problems.

Then yesterday when Ethan and I when on our Thursday antique car / ice cream night, the SD card just wouldn't work, so no pictures. Oh and Combo's toilet was the worst. They need to clean that thing. Gross!

Today I went to Best Buy with Carter to exchange the aforementioned SD card. But the Geek Squad simply reformatted the card there and now it seems to work. That would have been the last thing I would have thought to do. But if it works.

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Thursday Night

So it seems I've found a little father son activity for Ethan and I to do on Thursday nights. Luckily for me he loves cars and ice cream.

The last time we went I only had my cell phone's camera this time I made sure that I took the real camera to snap some pictures.

Of course I don't know crap about old cars, so hopefully it will be years before Ethan puts two and two together. So I'll just enjoy it until then.



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Carnies and Cars


Leading up to the Canada Day weekend one of those travailing carnivals step-up shop and so against my better juggemnet and my knowledge of carnies, I took Ethan.

There wasn't much there for him anyway and he didn't want to go on the kids rides by himself. So we waited for the Tilt-A-Wirl. During this time four tween girls where on the ride, I noticed them because one of them was sick on the other three and herself. I thought, silly kids, drinking too much soda and popcorn. Ethan kept telling me "sick, blah, blah", and pointing to the car that the girls had been riding.

We finaly got on and the ride after what seemed like 20 minutes of the carny wiping down the car the girls had been in. I made sure not to take that one.

Ethan was screaming and laughing and having a great and so was I. Little did I know that the ride was going to last over five minutes and by the time it finished both Ethan and I were pretty boarded of the ride. You can only scream for so long.

Unfortunately, I was a little nauseous after and was glad Ethan didn't express an interest to go for another ride.


On the way home we stopped off at Combo's to check out all the antique cars people show off every Thursday night. Ethan pointed out the cars that resembed the ones from the Dinsey/Pixar film Cars. But I did have to remind him a few times not the touch the cars.

I would have posted more photos but I had Ethan on my shoulders and every time I tried to snap one with my cell phone he was always moving around. But it was still a fun night out.

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