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Little Mosque on the Prairie: Season 3

I know it's been quite a while since I last talked about Little Mosque on the Prairie, so I'm going to make up for that.

Three seasons after it aired, Little Mosque on the Prairie is still one of my favorite shows and the only sitcom I watch. That should be telling.

What I've grown to love about this Canadian show is not only that it is both funny and smart, but the depth and breath of the characters. While most series are happy to remain stagnant in story, theme and characterization, Little Mosque moves forwards with story arcs and develops the characters. I commend the shows creators for doing this. It's easy to stop working when you have a successful product.


With season three wrapping up, the show has certainly become more than a run of the mill sitcom. It's evolved into a comedic drama with characters that you become attached to.

The CBC has certainly evolved also. If you're lucky enough to live in Canada, the CBC is now streaming season three as it airs on their site so no need to worry if you miss an episode.

Now without trying to get all preachy liberal on you. Little Mosque is probably the most exposure some people have ever had to Muslims other than the news (which is rarely positive). The humor and characters of this show might open some people to being a little more accepting. Like Star Trek in the 1960's breaking barriers and portraying visible minorities in leading roles, Little Mosque on the Prairie does the same now.

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Plague Movies Do Not Help One’s Hypochondria

This past week I watched both the BBC's remake of Survivors and Doomsday.

Not the best thing to watch when I can be bit of a hypochondriac.

Doomsday was okay, kind of a modern Mad Max. Even the over the top gore was reminiscent of 1980's horror movies. Fun, but not thought provoking.

Back in the 1980's I watched most of the old Survivors series on PBS and I was looking forward to the remake.

It's got high production value and a great ensemble cast. It's based in reality, unlike other ensemble cast shows like Lost, Heroes or zombie survival films. If there was a global pandemic to wipe out millions again, this is what it probably would look like.

I've only seen the first two episodes so far and I can't wait for more.

One thing the new Survivors series points out even more than the 1970's one, is how dependent on technology we have become. The survivors of the Black Death at the very least had the skills needed to rebuild society. Anyone here know how to farm or make clothes from raw materials?

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The Future is Delicious

The future is delicious according to Bill Gates. Microsoft just released the first add with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld.

While it's not as laugh out loud funny as the I'm a Mac, I'm a PC adds there are some moments. Like when Gates holds up his Shoe Circus Clown Card and his photo is his mug shot photo! Steve Jobs would never be so self deprecating or get caught speeding in a Porch 911.

TechCrunch has a good article on the subject and cites an internal Microsoft email that mentions that this is only the first in a series of adds that will reintroduce people to Microsoft.

I know everyone is totally dumping on this add, but lets wait till be see the whole campaign before we torpedo it.

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South Park Shafts Canada… Again!

Listening to the lastest BOL (RE:689, Hi JOMOTO, ❤ the show) it turns out that the creators of South Park are tired of illegally downloading their own show so they have setup South Park Studios where you can stream all 12 seasons.

Downside? South Park Studios is geolocked to the good old US of A only.
Bad enough they had to invade us in the movie, but now this. Though the site does seem to suggest that it's "coming soon". Oh well, par for the course.

Upside? The other 6 billion of us can at least use the Avatar Creator. Though the Simpsons avatar creator is much better than the South Park one.

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Television, Did You Miss It?

So it looks as if the WGA is heading back to work after a three month strike. The real question is do you care?

If you're anything like me, this strike hasn't affected you in the least. Of course I might be the exception to the rule (that's what my mother tells me). With all the alternative programing available to a geek like myself I haven't had to interact with people during the strike. Or you just could have watched TLC for three months.

For those of you who do care, it might not even matter that the writers are heading back to work. According to CNN sitcoms could be airing in a month, but for many dramas it might be a case of diminishing returns and the season canceled.

Did the strike get you go to other sources to find something to watch such as Netflix, iTunes, IPTV or Bittorrent? I would expect that there was a measurable increase of users of these other services during this WGA strike. I wonder if these people who went elsewhere will go back once the programing returns?

More importantly, will the strike make people realize how much of what is on television really not worth watching?

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Bernard the Bear

If Mr. Bean had a love child with Wile E. Coyote it would be Bernard the Bear. Bernard stars in a series of shorts from Spanish animation studio BRB.

Bernard is made up of equal parts Mr. Bean's social ineptitude and Wile E. Coyote's physical slapstick. He is self centered, petty and can always make a situation worse. Certainly not a childhood role model but most of the time he gets his comeuppance for his less than shining behavior. I think that's where the underlying message is, what goes around comes around.

Moral soap boxing aside, I have not laughed out loud at a cartoon like this since the classic WB's. Also another aspect about Bernard I like is the subtle actions and facial expressions for the characters. It shows the strength of the animators when they can convey so much emotion with no dialog. And finally there is something that appeals to my inner child me about an animated character being physically injured so often. Bernard could certainly give Homer Simpson a run for his money.

You can see more Bernard on Veoh.

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Ashes to Ashes

One of my favorite shows is back…well sort of. Ashes to Ashes is a more of a follow up than a sequel to Life on Mars.

As Life on Mars took place in 1973 and drew on all the good (music, muscle cars, fashion styles) and the bad (racial stereotyping, police brutality, fashion styles) of the time, Ashes to Ashes does the same but in 1981. This time with a new lead character Alex Drake from 2008 who may or may not be in a coma, insane or a time traveler. Got it? I sure hope so because Netflix doesn't seem to have series 1 or 2 of Life on Mars.

Helen Rumbelow reviews the premiere episode and I think she has it right when she says don't compare Ashes to Mars. To me It's like Star Trek TOS and The Next Generation. Both have strengths and weakness and it's all right to like them both. Of course neither Kirk or Picard drove an Audi Quattro.

Half the fun of Life on Mars was the characters it had developed and I'm really looking forward to catch up with them for a little 1980's nostalgia.

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Damn You Apple

I jokingly said with being out the loop the this last week, "oh watch the iPhone get released or something". Well it wasn't the iPhone, but now we (Canadians) can spend too much on television just like our neighbors to the south.

Of course this being Canada you can buy Hockey on iTunes. I just would have thought that they would have nice cover art for the Stanley Cup Classics. It looks very 1996 I think.

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Bell satellite has a free preview of Disney Playhouse for the next month or so.

It has the usual stuff that I've seen on any number of the other kids channels. What caught my eye was a new Winnie the Pooh series called My Friends Tigger & Pooh.

They seem to have changed out Christopher Robin for a girl named Darby. Not a big deal, but I'd hate to Christopher Robin's agent.

I know that they are trying to open the demographics of the show by including a girl but it's like replacing Piglet with a dinosaur because studies say kids love dinosaurs. But if they were going to drop a character Christopher Robin

They have a contest to promote the launch of the channel here in Canada but (say it with me) excludes residents of Quebec.

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