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gdgt Sticker

I've been listing to the excellent tech gadget podcast gdgt for sometime now and they have just launched the corresponding site last week. Why don't you follow me on gdgt?

N-e-who, you could sign up for a sticker and guess what came today in the mail, strait from New York city!
The downside to netbooks is that there isn't that much room for stickers.

I was greatly surprised that I could even get a sticker. When I got the GMail stickers I had to send a money order to cover the postage, which in retrospect seems weird since Google makes billions of dollars a year.

Thanks gdgt!

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GMail Stickers Are Here

Due to mailing my self addressed envelop so close to the deadline and the usual while supplies last line, I was worried that I might have missed out on getting some GMail stickers. So I'm really happy they arrived.

Also having to get a $4 international reply coupon these free stickers started to get expensive.

As you can see I got the unicorn sticker (of course).

Having got EEEBuntu running on my EEE PC (more to come on that) I had to put the GMail logo on the lid.


I had every intention to put on the GMail keyboard shortcut stickers but unfortunately they don't come in netbook size.

Thanks GMail for the stickers.

Now I'll have to get some more stickers for my EEE PC.

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GMail Stickers

The deadline to get yourself some GMail stickers ends February 14th, 2009. I don't know where I was to have missed the news. I thought this was the kind of stuff Twitter was supposed to find for me. Fail Twitter, fail.

So this evening's project is to rush over to the Post office and get an international reply coupon for the good folks at GMail and hope they still have some left.

I just hope I don't get the unicorn one.

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