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Happy 2nd Voxiversary: Traffic

Thanks to tools like StatCounter and Google Analytics I'm able to see what the traffic has been like over the past year here at Grantalias.

Since the crazy traffic spike from last year it's been pretty quite around the old blog. Though it has been consistent numbers.

Unfortunately all the top visited posts are from 2007.

That a side, I did make the explore page three times for the following posts! That was pretty exciting!

Grantalias on VOX EntertainmentGrantalias on VOX MusicGrantalias on VOX Technology

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Traffic This

Continuing our week long voxiversary celebrations here at grantalias.

A few months ago I added StatCounter to my VOX to data farm personal information about you to sell to third parties. Just kidding. Like most bloggers I wanted to know if anyone actually read this blog (excluding my neighbors of course).

It was really cool to see what posts were being hit. I would backtrack in google to see what search words would bring up any given post. It's a really addictive game so don't start yourself.

In early November when two of my posts were indexed on a Mac site, I had an extra 300 hits over the weekend. I was freaking out. Ask Donna, I drove her crazy! Tip: You want to increase traffic? Post about Apple, trust me.

All that fun went out the window when I did a little post on a FaceBook chain letter. Now I get so much traffic to that one post I can't tell if anyone looks at anything else.

I guess I shouldn't complain? Traffic is traffic right?

Next time we''ll let you know how VOX made me love Photoshop all over again.

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Track My Vox Stats

One on the things (ok the only thing) I miss from my old MSN Spaces blog was that you could track stats. Unfortunately VOX (as of yet) doesn't offer any tools for us Voxer's to track stats.

Luckily I have two choices that you can add as widgets to your VOX.

The first is ClustrMaps (you can tell it's Web 2.0 because it's missing a vowel).

You sign up your site address on their site and they provide the HTML code you add as a widget on your VOX. A little map is added to your VOX page and it begins to count visits and even plots visitors on a map. It's pretty limited but it's easy and free. They do have a pro version you can upgrade to but I the free version should be good enough for most of your needs.

The second choice is StatCounter. Again you sign up and get code to insert as a widget on your VOX. It's free for the limited version but has way more features than Clustrmaps. And I mean tons. You can track page loads, unique visits, return visits, length of visit, and visitors are plotted on a map but unlike ClustrMaps it's totally zoomable. And that's to just name a few.

Oh and you could use these on other sites that allow you to enter code.


I'd like to thank my VOX neighbor for finding these. Thanks.

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