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First Days of Spring and The Black Snows of March

With the first day of spring behind us and the weather continuity improving, those of us in colder climates are faced with winter's dirty remnants.

Always the worse besides highways from the grime off cars and a winter of crushed stone put down for traction, even front lawns do not escape this buildup of winter grime.

Of course this doesn't even take into account the amount of hidden garbage that reveals itself this time of year.

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Get Really To Shovel

Well I'm already depressed as it looks like winter has arrived. I just hope we don't see the kind of snow fall we did last winter.

I did buy the boys shovels at Wal-Mart this past weekend with the intention of them at least trying to help me shovel and ET seems very eager about it. Of course they might change their tune once outside and actually have to do some work but that's understandable at their age.

A nice thing with Donna home this winter with AR is she can have the driveway shoveled for us when we get home everyday. Right Donna? Donna? 😉

Of course to little kids the first snowfall tells them that Christmas is just around the corner and ET is really excited.

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Snow Rage… Only in Canada

Anyone living in the great white north this winter is already a little short on patience when it comes to the almost record breaking snow falls we've had (so far).

So understandably snow rage is being reported across Quebec. But in all fairness it does seem a bit of sensational journalism as the same few instances are being repeatedly picked up by the media. But if you are interested, both Reuters and Spacing Montreal (my new favorite blog) have articles about it.

For those of you in warmer climates and never enjoyed a Montreal winter, Chicagoan in Montreal has a great post (photos and all) about the work that goes into snow removal here.

And finally, here are some much better photos then mine of the mountains created by snow removal around Montreal.
Let's Make a Fort
I know what you did last winter
Snow removal

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Winter on Bark Lake

For the first time in at least four years I spent a day at Bark Lake in the winter. It just the boys (my dad, my brother in-law Phil and ET).

We stopped at Harvey's in Saint-Sauveur (a really nice tourist town if you want to visit) for lunch and then it was on to the lake.

I have missed seeing the Laurentians during the winter. I find it can be a little surreal in the winter because even thought I know that it's winter up there too I very rarely get to see it.

My dad's reason for us to go is making sure that nothing has collapsed under the snow (and this year we sure have had our share) but I think he just wants to see the lake and has to justify the trip. Of course if the shed did collapse or a falling tree took a boat or two there's nothing we can really do till the spring anyways.

Our friend Andreas met us at our dock as he and his parents are visiting the lake from Germany (and their cottage is winterized). After clearing the snow off the boats and shed, Andreas drove us down the lake on the ice road (a first for me) to his cottage. We had a very nice visit with his parents and ET enjoyed exploring their cottage and playing with their board games.


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Winter Begins

This is the view that greeted me this morning as I went out to shovel the driveway. I had to shovel twice as the plow visited our street before I could get out with the boys. I also brushed the snow off the car fours times by the time I got to work. Twice at home, once at a red light on the highway and the last after dropping the boys at daycare.

The roads were pretty bad, but I only saw two cars in the ditch. Remember everyone slow down out there.


The local news did a segment on how bad the snow is. Poor Daniele Hamamdjian, I hope they didn't keep her out there too long.

It's been a rather bad day for weather right across the country.

This morning an 18 wheeler made a delivery but got stuck in the snow. We had to get out the sand for the wheels. I went to move one of the company trucks so the driver would have more room to maneuver and I got pined in the snow. The guys from the shop had to push me out. Talk about embarrassing. 🙂

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