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Typepad Micro & The Real Reason You Should Care… Or Not

I don't know how many of my fellow VOXer's read Team Vox's latest post but there is now a free version of Typepad called Typepad Micro.

I'm guessing with the prevalence of Twitter (@grantalias), Six Apart wanted to get into the micro blog / status site. We all knew this was eventual since their acquisition of Pownce's earlier this year.

I've done a test post on my Typepad Micro so you can see what it looks like.

You can have links to all your online sites like flickr, Vox, Facebook & Twitter. Those of us from Vox will find it very familiar. I wish it could automatically pull data from those services. It would certainly save some time for the user.

Unfortunately (like Vox) you can't pull Facebook photos but unlike Vox you can't pull photos from any service or video sites for that matter (which you can do on Vox), unless you use embed code. Unlike Twitter there isn't an ecosystem of third parties developing sites like Twitpic to close the short comings.

The only real saving grace is that you can use the Typepad iPhone app to post while on the go (which is how I composed my first post).You can link it to both Twitter and Facebook with manual or automatic posting to each service as you wish is nice. To bad it won't cross post to my Vox account. Too bad there is not a Vox app like this. And no Blog It does not count. Don't even get me started there.

Since it's Typepad you can import and export your blog to or from it. With Vox there is no such ability and I'm pretty much screwed if I ever want to move anywhere else.

UPDATE 11/24/2009

I've discovered that you can seemingly cross post from VOX to Typepad Micro (along with other LiveJournal) . I have not posted enough to actually see it work but some of you might find it interesting. My main goal was to see if I could then export my posts, but it doesn't seem possible. Maybe it's only for the paid version.

Here are the directions

  1. Click Account
  2. Click Outside services
  3. Add Blog
  4. Enter login information & save settings.

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iPhone / Touch Vox Sign In Screen

Much to my joy loging into VOX the other day I was greated with a iPhone / Touch sign in screen.

Unfortunately, still no compose page. I hope for the iPhone App Store launch on July 11th and a VOX app from Six Apart.

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Blog It!

At long last Six Apart has brougth fourth a web application for the iPhone / iPod Touch crowd like myself. It's called Blog It and I'm using it right now to write this post.

But it's not just for VOX my favorite blogging platform. It will work with Twitter, Pownce, Facebook and other six Apart blogging offerings to name a few. So you can update your online presence everywhere at once with one post.

I can't tell you how I've waited for something like Blog It to come along from Six Apart. Now if only I could add comments and replies to posts on my Touch.

Of course I can't wait to see the Typepad application that will be free from the iPhone application store when the 3G iPhone goes on sale July 11th.

So this Blog It web application has till then to impress me.

Update: I added the following on my computer since Blog It does not have an edit, or a save as draft features.

And Apple get some damn cut and paste going.

Check out Blog It's site.

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Six Apart <3 iPhone SDK

With Six Apart's CEO Chris Alden talking about a native iPhone application for TypePad could one for VOX be possible? If not mandatory? I sure hope so. I would not be the only VOXer out there that would greatly appreciate it.

Currently VOX's text boxes do not work with the iPhone / Touch interface. So no comments or composing new posts for me.

This just might be the perfect opportunity to develop an application for VOX as well to TypePad. You know since you're doing all that work anyways… right?

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