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100% Oxygen

The good news Carts is at 100% oxygen. The bad news is that he still sounds pretty bad.

But he's getting better and maybe… maybe we'll be out tomorrow. Of course I'm not holding my breath.

I've done every puzzle in the playroom but this Mickey Mouse one was just horrible, so many pieces missing.

ET visited Carts yesterday and tonight. He's really missing his brother and Mom. The whole thing is really throwing him off. A child's universes depends on schedules and the boys' has been derailed this week.

So hopefully tomorrow we'll be told that Carts is good to come home and we can get things back to normal around here. I really don't like sleeping in a semi-empty house. And as much as I complain, I miss all the screaming and fighting that goes on with the boys every day. I just want everyone home.

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Carts Still Not Home

If it gives you any indication I bought a week parking pass today for the hospital.

Carts is ok, but his oxygen is around 95% and he still has a lot of secretions in his lungs. Right now the biggest thing is all of us being feed up with being at the hospital, especially Carts.

Donna and I would like to thank everyone for their support both here on VOX and our Facebook friends. And thanks especially our parents who have really helped in the logistics of having one or both of us at the hospital and for looking after ET.

I can't wait to get things back to normal and get the little guy back home.


We are so board I've started doing jig-saw puzzles. Here's one that Cart's helped me with.

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Carts Update

I tried to do some mobloging, but it didn't work and I for sure wasn't going to let all that hard iTap texting go to waste. Times like this I wish I had an iPhone.

Carts update. Still in the hosiptal. Maybe get out tomorrow. I hope. @ 10 he was sick from all the cougching. Donna is tally lucky we switched tonight.

I found out our neighbor was watching Torchwood on her media device. So we had a nice chat about Doctor Who and British shows we have in common, Going to sleep now.

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Thy Enemy Be Asthma

This afternoon I took Carts to the hospital. He had labored breathing and blue lips. We were seen pretty fast (45 minutes) by nurse in triage and saw a doctor in 2 hours. Carts was super well behaved during this whole time.

Donna had arrived by this time (she dropped ET at her parents, were he's sleeping tonight) and they did some X-rays and Ventalin treatments.

He's not in any danger, but they wanted to keep him over night (hopefully he'll be out tomorrow) to administer some more Ventalin every few hours.

Donna is staying the night (I hope she can get some sleep, because Carts is super wired from the Ventalin) and I'll head back tommorrow after I drop off ET at daycare.

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We All Know How This Ended

If you've been reading the last couple of days worth of posts you know where I'm going with this.

Both mom and dad were out for the count earlier tonight. I managed to get some dinner made for the boys. But I quickly took a turn for the worse… and well needless to say I feel much better now.

The boys were great for us, little angels in this our time of need. Ethan kept asking Mommy Daddy sick? And told us I love you in only the way little kids can. So cute.

My parents did an apple juice and Canada Dry run for us since Donna's not feeling any better and I really didn't want to be sick driving to the store.

Thanks guys.

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Here We Go Again

Last night as I was going to bed (around 1am), I caught a whiff of that smell all parents dread… vomit.

I checked on Ethan and he was ok so I thought maybe I imaged it. Then I checked on little Carter and the smell hit me as I walked into his room.

So strip the sheets on the crib and change him and luckily he went right back to sleep. I just hope it was something he ate, because when Carts gets a bug he's vomiting for 10 days.

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Know thy Enemy and thy Enemy be Named Penicillin or Not

So it looks like Carter is allergic to penicillin. Sunday morning he broke out in a rash and he still has it pretty bad. Poor little guy. He seems in good spirits and it doesn't seem to bother him so that hopefully is a good sign.


Well it turns out that Carter has a virus that is causing the rash (might take up to six weeks to clear). Along with that he has ear and throat infections. Plus we'll find out tomorrow if it's strep throat or not. Yikes! This is why Donna is the best mom, she just knows when it's not something simple and needs more attention.

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