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Six Apart <3 iPhone SDK

With Six Apart's CEO Chris Alden talking about a native iPhone application for TypePad could one for VOX be possible? If not mandatory? I sure hope so. I would not be the only VOXer out there that would greatly appreciate it.

Currently VOX's text boxes do not work with the iPhone / Touch interface. So no comments or composing new posts for me.

This just might be the perfect opportunity to develop an application for VOX as well to TypePad. You know since you're doing all that work anyways… right?

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Currency Frustration

After yesterday's visit to Futureshop, I'm still really excited about the iPod Touch. So I've been doing some research on my possible future purchase and I'm a little annoyed.

On the Canadian Apple Store the Touch is $329 and $449 for the 8 and 16 GB respectively. But to my shock and awe it's $299 and $399 on the US Apple Store. USA indeed.

Last time I checked the Canadian dollar (aka the Loonie) was trading higher than the American dollar. Did retailers not get the memo? I know there's more to it than that, I'm just choosing to ignore economics, market forces and international money markets. Ok?

Thinking I'd save $30 over on the US site I discovered that they don't ship to Canada. Damn you Steve!

Just another example of Apple playing to the home town crowd. Maybe they would have a greater worldwide market share if they didn't subsidize sales at home at the cost of foreign consumers.

Of course when and or if I ever get the Touch, hopefully  I won't have to wait very long for 3rd party applications. All praise the mighty SDK.

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