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Live From The Twitter: Quebec Edition

A little help from my tweets.

  • 19:27 English bands still on bill, says producer tinyurl.com/klt7t8 (via @ctvmontreal) Way to make Anglos fell like 2nd class citizens. #

  • 22:48 Anglos win battle of the bands snipurl.com/k75fm (via @montrealgazette) Good to know common sense prevailed. #

With la St-Jean-Baptiste next week on the 24th or La Fête nationale du Québec (if you want to be less political) polictics has once again soured the day. You think by now we'd be used to it.

It really is a shame that there are a small vocal minority that view this day as one for the Pure laine exclusively. At least there is a move to be more inclusive than exclusive as in the past.

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Saint-Jean / Exporail

This past Saint-Jean the boys, my parents and I went to Exporail. Unfortunately Donna had to work.

The boys really love going. ET loves the train rides as this is the only place he has ever been on one or any kind of public transportation for that matter. I assume if we took really public transport he'd be really board.

Carts was hysterical for the model trains and was so excited seeing them moving around and going to tunnels and over the bridges.

But they both really enjoyed getting on go on the trains. The Museum has a large collection of trains (indoors so no worries about bad weather like in the old days) and a few you can get on and walk through.

The boys didn't get to have a nap so ET was a little hyper and selective in his hearing. We were waiting for the trolley to arrive at one of the stations when he runs across the tracks. Needless to say I was freaked out and terrified. Of course he thought it was really funny. Ah kids. Another story to tell him when he's older.

I highly recommend it for families with small kids, since what kids don't love trains.

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