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First Camping


We visited with our friends Aaron & Cynthia and their kids at their cottage on Saturday (all be it a little later then we planned, first camping of the season is always rough and takes forever to pack for).

Let's just say it's never a good sign when your GPS shows you driving through trees. Thank goodness Aaron was waiting for us out on the road and led us the last little bit to their place. I was staring to get worried that we had taken a wrong turn somewhere.

That afternoon we drove over to my parents campsite (my sister and her family were also there) for an afternoon of swimming and later for dinner. It was a little crazy with seven kids under the age of five but it was still fun to see everyone.



I stayed up with my brother in law Phil by the fire (with a few beers) and whet to bed around midnight. Around 5am the kids woke up. Thankfully my sister Kim took them for a bit and let me sleep in.

It might look like I took the boys sailing the whole day, but it was really my dad who took them for two of the three races. My Lazer is a little small with an adult and two pre-schoolers.


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First Trip To The Lake…

… of the year that is.

It was hot and buggy but I've certainly seen worst over the years.

The big news is that at the landing they have open wi-fi and I tweeted our progress with my iPod.

I passed the sailing race already in progress, with what looked like very little wind so I didn't feel very bad so not attending.

But any of you who have been the lake know that your experience is not complete with out a rain storm, and that's what we got. And yes it's sunny at the other end of the lake.

Rain on the lakeIMG_6428IMG_6421IMG_6418IMG_6416IMG_6415IMG_6414IMG_6413IMG_6409IMG_6410

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Children Invade Bark Lake


It was quite the busy weekend. Not only did the four of us (Donna, Ethan, Carter and myself) go camping, but my sister Kim and her husband Phil and their daughter Jade and our friends Aaron and Cynthia with their two sons Aidan and Declan also came up.

It's been years since we'll all been up there together. Of course there was hardly any alcohol consumed this time around. But it was still great to have the gang back together for a few hours. Plus the kids are older now and they can for the most part keep each other busy. We just need to keep an eye on them and make sure they don't go over the side of the campsite.

While my sister was trying to get Jade to have a nap my dad and I took the boys for a boat ride. It was a little cold out on the lake. Thank goodness they had hoods on their jackets.


On the way back we stopped off to see my friend Josh and his brother in law Nick who were wrapping up a week of working and recreation at their cottage. The kids downed a blow of corn chippy things and ran around on the balcony. I did have to pull apart Ethan and Aidan apart few times for the usually kid pushing.

Dinner was great but we had way too much food. That's what usually happens when everyone brings something. On the upside there was lots of food. Better more than less I always say. Josh and Nick come over for a bit after dinner and we had a fire more out of necessity than ascetics. The temperature dropped a wee bit this weekend.


Sunday morning was freezing. Luckily my dad had just bought a heater and it upped the temperature in the shelter by 10 degrees C.

My dad and I went off to sailing and I actually won the day, first time this year and probably the last. I finished 1st, 3rd and 2nd with 18 points. There wasn't that much wind, but it was the most I've got to sail in this summer. Everything just flows away when I'm out there, it's the most relaxing / stressful / fun time I can have.


All the other photos from this week can be found in the Bark Lake 2007 collection.

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BLPA Sailing Regatta Weekend

The 2007 BLPA Sailing Regatta was postponed to the Sunday, since it was raining on the Saturday. Which is lucky when you realize that the regatta is the only race held all year that even has a the possibleilty of being held the next day.

Ethan was pretty well behaved except for getting me to freak out in the tent because I thought I was going to have a nap but all he wanted to do was jump on me. As anyone who knows me what happens if you mess with me when I want to sleep. It's not pretty.

We also visited with some friends and on lake that afternoon. They have two boys close in age to Ethan and Carter. And at this age it didn't even matter that they speak different languages.


There was an amazing turn out for the race, even with four regulars who couldn't make it due to prior commitments or having to catch a flight.

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120 Children Saved

Last week I was actually able to watch the news during dinner and saw this story.

According to nowpublic.com 120 children had to be rescued during a regatta when strong winds tipped 90 boats and sent the kids into the drink. A few suffered minor injuries, thankfully no one was seriously injured.

I've been in some strong winds during races at the lake and sure a few boats tipped but 90 boats and 120 kids. That must have been total chaos.

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