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Roz Savage

Have you ever thought that your life could use some more excitement? Sure, we all do once in a while and that's a natural. But most of us don't go to the extremes of Roz Savage.

In her mid 30's she quite her job and gave up the quite suburban life to solo row the Atlantic in 2006.

After an aborted attempt last year Roz is currently off the west of coast of the United States rowing to Australia. If this attempt is successful she'll be the first woman to row the Pacific ocean.

Roz has daily updates on her blog and you can follow her on twitter (unfortunately they are having some difficulties right now with her twittering from the satellite phone). You can even follow Roz's progress from her GPS. There will even be a podcast (in the near future) from the TWIT network. Chief Twit Leo Laporte said on a recent show that the podcast hasn't launched yet due to the last minute departure of Roz to take advantage of favorable weather conditions. Also check out Roz's Smug Mug photos.

It just blows my mind. Alone for months in the middle of the ocean. Wow!

UPDATE: The TWIT podcast Roz Rows is now live.

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