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Update: Headphones Fail

Well it looks like it all worked out in the end.

Apple shipped me next day new replacement headphones that I am still treating with kid gloves. I had to return the damaged ones in the supplied envelope and called UPS for a pick-up, lucky I am the shipping department at work so no worries. Funny enough though this is where I ran into some difficulties.

Supposedly there was a preprinted return waybill on the envelope after I removed my receipt. For two days the friendly UPS driver refused to pick it up. On the second day I was getting worried (they would bill me in 10 business days) so I called Apple support and they suggested that since I had their UPS account number just fill out a waybill myself and drop it off and that's what I did.

So I got an email from Apple yesterday saying that they received my return and everything looks good. Thank goodness.

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Warranty Return Wrap Up

Look what was waiting for me when I got home tonight. 14 days in transit there and next day service back. It must be nice to have such a great rate with UPS.

I find it hard to believe that Lexar had any time to actually evaluate the card and it was just easier for them to mail me a new one. Of course they might be using this as an opportunity for clearing out the old stock.

So the lesson here kids… sometimes it pays to go back to the manufacture (keep those bills) and get your stuff fixed rather than writing it off as a loss.

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Hard Too Rock Without Music

It was an easy decision to put in for the Guitar Hero 3 replacement Wii disc. If any game should not be in mono it's a music game. The problem now is that I'm faced with three to fours weeks sans Guitar Hero.

If this was any other game it would be a non issue, but the casual gamer aspect of Guitar Hero really makes it a very sticky game for me.

Did any of you go in for the replacement disc? How long did you wait for your Digital Dolby surround copy to arrive?

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The Odyssey Continues

I was just trying to be cute in my last post about sending back my A550 for repair. Really.

Well I got it back today and even thought it says they did some work on it, I still can't take a photo. Did they maybe test it out to see if it worked before shipping it back?

Luckily Canon support gave me their Purolator account so I don't have to spend another $7 to ship it back. It's next day service so hopefully they can take a look at it tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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