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Camping, Fishing & Rain

Two weeks in a row I went camping at the lake and two weeks in a row it rained. Of course it would.

Not that the rain hampered the boys in wanting to play outside. The rain cycled from mist to drizzle so it could have been worse at least the boys could walk around and not get soaked.

The boys enjoyed fishing but only using weights and a floater took away any chance of them actually catching anything. On the upside no had to handle a slimy fish.



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First Trip To The Lake…

… of the year that is.

It was hot and buggy but I've certainly seen worst over the years.

The big news is that at the landing they have open wi-fi and I tweeted our progress with my iPod.

I passed the sailing race already in progress, with what looked like very little wind so I didn't feel very bad so not attending.

But any of you who have been the lake know that your experience is not complete with out a rain storm, and that's what we got. And yes it's sunny at the other end of the lake.

Rain on the lakeIMG_6428IMG_6421IMG_6418IMG_6416IMG_6415IMG_6414IMG_6413IMG_6409IMG_6410

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The Sky is Falling

Yesterday on the south shore we had quite the thunder storm (there was even a little hail). So as per usual our parking lot in the rear flooded and everyone had to move their cars.

What caused all the excitement was that the five drains on the roof were clogged and water began draining into the offices. Yikes! So ceiling tiles were collapsing and everything had to be covered with plastic.

05-06-07_1246 05-06-07_1344 05-06-07_1442

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