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Remember Your Winter Tires

Next time you bitch about how it's now a law in Quebec to have winter tires between December 15th and March 15th, there might be a reason for it. I should mention that this photo was taken on December 8th, a full 24 hours before the 35cm of snow that the Montreal region received on December 9th.

This is probably the most unique car in ditch poses I've ever seen in person. 

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Hail in June

The Montreal region had a pretty big storm the 25th of June. Gusting winds and rain strong enough to knock out the satellite (it doesn't happen that often).

The real surprise was the marbles sized hail that came down near the end of the storm. It must have been pretty localized since not everyone I talked to the next day had seen it.

The boys were very excited (as was I) and wanted to go out during the storm and collect some hail. I got them to wait till after the storm died down. I still remember the huge hail we had in Quebec during the mid 1980's and didn't want them pummeled to death.

Donna collected some off the patio shelter for them as anything that had fallen on the ground had melted as it was like 30 degrees Celsius (or 86 degrees Fahrenheit)  that day.

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Live From The Twitter: Quebec Edition

A little help from my tweets.

  • 19:27 English bands still on bill, says producer tinyurl.com/klt7t8 (via @ctvmontreal) Way to make Anglos fell like 2nd class citizens. #

  • 22:48 Anglos win battle of the bands snipurl.com/k75fm (via @montrealgazette) Good to know common sense prevailed. #

With la St-Jean-Baptiste next week on the 24th or La Fête nationale du Québec (if you want to be less political) polictics has once again soured the day. You think by now we'd be used to it.

It really is a shame that there are a small vocal minority that view this day as one for the Pure laine exclusively. At least there is a move to be more inclusive than exclusive as in the past.

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Quebec Votes Today

So here we are once again another election, the second in as many months.

Unfortunately, I can see the bi-annual elections feeding voter apathy and holding it on the coldest day since last winter is not going to help the turn out at the polls. It's freezing out there!!!

CBC has a great meet the leaders and parties page so if you have any last minute questions before heading out to the polls.

Only in Canada would you find people complaining about having to vote. We're so spoiled.

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The Economy At Home This Holiday Season

  • Quebec's consumer watchdog,  Options Consommateurs wants the province to make it illegal for credit card companies to solicit new customers. It might be a little nanny state, but the real problem is that some people do not have the life/economic skills required to deal with having credit. This usually leads to bad credit. I wonder if this is an over correction on their part to the credit crisis south of the border? What's needed is education for some and not taking something away from everyone else. Of course I don't think I would be alone in missing all the junk mail from credit card companies offering new cards we can't afford.

  • CBC News has an Econometer (that is updated daily) based on consumers confidence
    in the economy. Right now it's pretty evenly balanced from extremely worried to the worst is over. You can weight in on what your feelings are on the subject by completing the poll.

  • The OECD says that Canada will be hit by a recession and unemployment rates will increase. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says that we're not in a recession but we may face a technical one. I'll say that politicians are proficient at double speak. I wonder if a technical recession will be easyier on low income families or people who have lost their jobs.
  • Since it doesn't take an economist to realize that spending will be down this holiday season, it will probabley mean better deals as retailers try to entice the few willing to part with their income. I wonder if stores staying open later on the weekends in downtown Montreal will entice more shoppers to spend? Even with the undergound city and extended hours I'm sure the cold and snow will keep a good number of people away regardless of the economy.

  • I've heard time and time again that during these troubled economic times, video games are a recession proof sector. The idea being that people are more willing to spend money to nest at home then venture out. It might be true… I've ordered a XBox 360 (as media extender first, game system second). It does certainly seems that the video game industry in Quebec is doing well.

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Gas Drops & New Policies

I don't know about you but I can't believe the cost at the pumps the past week, it's like it's 2003 all over again! I'm out of practice guesstimating how much gas I'll get for such a low price.

Of course high gas prices of the past few summers has undoubtedly lead to signs like this below about paying in advance. You've always had to pay first during the night, but i think this is a first for me having to pay during the day.

SuperNews: Mugged At The Gas Station

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Quebec Votes 2008… Again

Now that the 2008 American Presidential race (GObama) is over we get to look forward to the 2008 Quebec Provincial election! Exciting isn't it?

You wonder why there is so much voter apathy when it seems every two years there is either a Federal or Provincial election. So even though we just had a Federal election we now have a December 8th Provincial vote.

Local Montreal CTV News has more in depth coverage of the announcement. Unfortunately I can't embed it.

This morning I saw the first party sign up at 8am even before I had heard officially that the election had been called. One thing to be said, it's nice not having the USA's two year long campaigns. But I guess we make up for it by having elections more often. At least the campaign is only a few weeks long.

Remember to get out there and vote people!

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Wal-Mart Shuts Down Quebec Union… Again

Having closed the Jonquiere Quebec location in 2005 coincidentally after workers there formed a union, Wal-Mart is closing a tire-and-lube garage in a Gatineau where in August a Quebec arbitrator imposed a collective agreement on the company.

It's a shame that the world's largest private employer doesn't treat their workers better.

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iPhone Canada Lauch

 8:55am I swung by the local Rogers store to see what was going on.

There was about 10 people in the line. One looked like a senior citizen and a kid of at most 10 years old and they both looked like they were with family.

Inside the store I could see they had an iPhone on display and the workers were quite the busy bees getting ready for the opening of the store.

Now I'm just waiting for the 2.0 firmware software. Unfortunately it looks like the iTunes store is coming back with an error message.

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The True North Strong and Free, But Tolerant?

Sometimes being a minority (anglo) inside a minority (Quebec) brings new meaning to being on the outside.

I think it's a feeling that Anglo Saxon westerns (or any other majority for that matter) very rarely have to deal with, maybe they should. It might make them more respectful.

If you're anglo living in Quebec, you've seen it. Signs with the english covered over or scratched out (like the sign at the entrance to LaRonde last weekend). Stop signs where "stop" has been removed or replaced with 101.

The best example I've ever seen was the side of a Metro spray painted with "ENGLISH GO HOME, FLQ". A little disapointing to say the least that anyone would admire a terroirst organization.

While I know that these acts of vandalism are perpetrated by a very small and vocal number, sometimes it just bums me out thinking that my kids are going to have to put up with this kind of soft discrimination or move to Ontario.

It's really going to suck when they get old enough to notice this stuff and ask why would someone do that.

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