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More Hodgman Than You Require

John Hodgman, everyone's favorite minor television personality and purveyor of totally ture made up facts is back with a new book More Information Than You Require.

To promote his new book he's been making the rounds of some of my favorite internet shows.

Jodgman has recently been a guest on two episodes of You Look Nice Today along with Jonathan Coulton.

Selfish Express
Faux Tog

Also Jodgman has promoted his book on Boing Boing TV and appeared into miniseries SPAMasterpiece Theater.

Leo Laporte of TWIT interviewed Hodgman about his role as the PC in the Apple adds.

Hodgman on TWIT #167

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All Quite on the Apple Front

I swung by Futureshop for Apple Demo Days and it was a bit of a non event. I don't know what I was expecting but it sure wasn't a MacWorld Expo. And I've never even been to a MacWorld Expo

There was a guy from Mac tech support (there's only  one Apple store in all of Quebec) and we talked about apple for 20 minutes or so.

What sucked (and this is a major complaint of mine about most tech devices on demo) was that everything I had heard about Leopard and wanted to check out like  Time Machine and iMovie were not setup to actually do anything. I really wanted to see that star field.

In the whole time I was there I didn't see one other person stop and poke a Mac or want to talk to the guy. I guess nobody read my last post.

I had the full intention of filming my entire talk with the Mac guy, but totally I chickened out. Hence the video of me playing guitar hero. Just taking a photo of the Mac aisle I told Donna to bolt with the kids if security came down on me.

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30 Days of Sloan

My fav band Sloan has a video podcast on iTunes that documents their latest release Never Hear the End of it. And it  leads up to the South by South West Music festival that they will be performing at.

If It Feels Good Do It 08 Someone I Can Be True With 18 Set in Motion

Here's some of their more stylish videos.

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