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Hail in June

The Montreal region had a pretty big storm the 25th of June. Gusting winds and rain strong enough to knock out the satellite (it doesn't happen that often).

The real surprise was the marbles sized hail that came down near the end of the storm. It must have been pretty localized since not everyone I talked to the next day had seen it.

The boys were very excited (as was I) and wanted to go out during the storm and collect some hail. I got them to wait till after the storm died down. I still remember the huge hail we had in Quebec during the mid 1980's and didn't want them pummeled to death.

Donna collected some off the patio shelter for them as anything that had fallen on the ground had melted as it was like 30 degrees Celsius (or 86 degrees Fahrenheit)  that day.

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First Camping


We visited with our friends Aaron & Cynthia and their kids at their cottage on Saturday (all be it a little later then we planned, first camping of the season is always rough and takes forever to pack for).

Let's just say it's never a good sign when your GPS shows you driving through trees. Thank goodness Aaron was waiting for us out on the road and led us the last little bit to their place. I was staring to get worried that we had taken a wrong turn somewhere.

That afternoon we drove over to my parents campsite (my sister and her family were also there) for an afternoon of swimming and later for dinner. It was a little crazy with seven kids under the age of five but it was still fun to see everyone.



I stayed up with my brother in law Phil by the fire (with a few beers) and whet to bed around midnight. Around 5am the kids woke up. Thankfully my sister Kim took them for a bit and let me sleep in.

It might look like I took the boys sailing the whole day, but it was really my dad who took them for two of the three races. My Lazer is a little small with an adult and two pre-schoolers.


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The Lake In The Winter

March 1st my Dad, the boys and myself went up to the lake for an afternoon of fun. We had been putting off the trip for a few weekends and since all the snow was melting it was now or never kind of thing.

We parked in our usual spot on the road except we had to shovel the snow. Bad enough we had to do that in the city, but at the lake as well? I'm glad we only go up once a winter

We managed to get down to the lake (those of you who know how hard that can be in the summer just imagine what it can be like in the winter) and the boys we jumping off the dock on to the ice. In some photos is looks pretty melted out there but we saw cars on the ice road so it was strong enough for us to (thankfully).

The boys had fun pushing the snow off the boats and tossing twigs out on to the ice. They really liked demolishing the snowman they helped make.

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Grocery Fun: Cheez Diapers

It's been quite sometime since my last grocery fun post. This is due to the fact that Donna's been home for a few months and been doing the groceries during the week. This past weekend all five of us ventured out together. Quite the experience.

Obviously a Freudian slip on my part but I was sure that La Vache Qui Rit's new product was diapers made from cheese. Seemed a bit outside of their core business to say the least.

I'm a simple man with simple needs and regular chips is one of them. I'll never understand or enjoy the bizarre flavor combinations that I first saw on trips to the USA. I like szechwan food, but as a chip? Luckily Donna goes in for this kind of stuff so I don't eat many chips since they are all some kind of weirdo flavor.

I don't know that the story was but there was a huge shortage of bread products on our visit. While there was plenty of bread there was only two packages of six hot dog buns in the whole place. I guess lots of people eat hot dogs this holiday season. More examples of a down market economy?

Not only that, but there was a noticeable amount of product that was out of stock. Very strange indeed.

Probably just them getting rid of surplus from the holidays. Right?

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A year can pass so quickly, it just seems like were closing up 2007 with Christmas and New Years.

Our biggest and best news of 2008 was our lastest (and last if you were wondering) edition, Annika. People ask what's it like to finally have a girl? It's pretty much the same as a boy at the same age. It's not like she's dating yet. Her brothers adore her and won't leave the poor girl alone.

ET and Carts turned four and two this year respectively. Which is hard to believe they are that old.

Anyone with kids will tell you it's better to keep them active and busy and boy did we ever this past year.

Once more we got our season passes to LaRonde and easily got our money's worth from it. Donna being pregnant sat our the rides but ET was tall enough this year to go on all the kiddie rides himself. That left me able to sit with Carts.

We also made it up to Bark Lake a few times this summer. Not as much as I would have liked to but with gas the price it was I'm not complaining. There was even some nice weather and my sister Kimberly and her family came one weekend. So all the little cousins could play at the lake together. I didn't get to go sailing for one reason or another (mostly rain) this year but there's always next season.

When also went to the Caban au Sucre, the Biodome, met Dora and Diego, saw Arthur l'Aventurier and the animals at Granby Zoo (which I only now discovered I never posted about), Lake George, Thursday car nights and an insane number of birthday parties.

The boys really enjoyed the holidays this past year as you would expect.

ET knows that Easter is just around the corner from Christmas, which is really cute but can also wear on your nerves.
On Saint-Jean we went to the local train museum with my parents, but Donna had to work as she deals with Toronto and they were still open. For Canada Day we watched fire works and the kids played, I was even interviewed by Ronald McDonald. ET even tried out some rock climbing. Labour Day saw us visiting friends in the Eastern Townships but only for the day.

We were also really lucky that a number of my family from out of town were able to attend ET's 4th birthday party.

All the best to you and yours in 2009! I can't imagine all the stuff we'll be doing next year.

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Gingerbread House

After shoveling and playing outside we went inside to assemble the Gingerbread House kit from Create A Treat. The boys and when I say boys I mean ET have been asking to make it for a week already so they were pretty excited.


Even without watching the video I think I did a good job putting it together. But the main test is to see how long it stays together before collapsing.

Donna helped them finish as I was tired from shoveling earlier and needed a break. I think they did a great job!

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One More Lock Gone

Kidding, kidding. Just a reference to my recent spree of lock cutting. Here and here.

Donna bought me this ring before we were married but after we had one kid. Lets just say I'm not as tiny as I once was. Plus the ring was probably a size too small then.

So I finally got around to get it cut off and let me tell you I got my money's worth from the guy. He used two different pliers and the hacksaw (in the video).

It will be ready in two weeks all better and resized correctly.

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Photographic Gold

Downsizing yet another box of stuff I came across some old photos. Most were doubles or have been scanned but a few I can't remember seeing in decades or at all. As one who has always enjoyed taking photos to find some new ones was a real treat.

LegoAutobot city

You youngsters out there will be hard pressed to remember a time when Lego didn't come in themed sets with all the right pieces, but in my youth you had to make due with what you had and we liked it that way. If that meant Autobot City had to be multi-coloured so be it. Or building a Death Star Corba Terror Dome snake creature thingy meant you had to plan ahead to make sure you had enough black blocks to complete it, that's what you did.

the guys in grade 6Me

Being the photographer usually means that it's rare to see one's self in a photo. But that makes it all that more meaningful when you do get one. Even if you're behind the crowd or looking a little dorky on your parent's lawn in the 1980's.

I just love that there is proof that at one time I was skinner than my sister Kim because those days are long gone. Gone!

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