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365 or Happy Voxiversary

365. That's how many days I've been on VOX. It's also the number of posts I've done in the past year. A little goal I set for myself. I apologize to my neighborhood.

I'm selective as to who I add to my neighborhood so they are all quality. I might not always comment on every post but I do read them guys. 😉

Those who know me (in real life), know that I love to talk. You also know that well articulated and thought out ideas are not my forte. VOX gives me the time to develop these thoughts and ideas and I can easily spend an hour composing a post. That doesn't guarantee that it'll be a work of art, but it certainly increases the odds.

Thanks VOX for this past year of blogging, it's been fun.

The week long voxiversary continues

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One Year

A wedding anniversary signifies that a couple has shared and overcome many trials, tests, bad times, good times and daily temptations in their life together. It is a symbol of time tested, the union of true love, sacrifices and commitment of the couple made over the years that they endured together.

Happy anniversary Donna I love you!

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