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Of Course: The Home Network Edition

You know when you're trying to save money and yet you spend more than ever? Well that's where I am right now.

Having just got the XBox and the 50 feet of Ethernet cable required to set it up on the network, my home network melts. Figuratively.

So after days of Bell tech support to India (nothing against out sourcing, if we'd work for as little as them we'd still have jobs) a technician came to the house.

He discovered a short somewhere in the house phone system and separated it from the DSL. It might have something to do with the previous owner adding additional jacks throughout the home himself.

The modem was tested and found to be working fine. That meant that the 5 year old wireless B router had packed in. Bell offered me one of their home network routers, but I'd lose my old grandfathered unlimited account, pay more and have to wait till late next week to receive it in the mail.

So after a quick run to BestBuy, purchasing a new Linksys router and a few hours digging around my connection settings (router and desktop) everything seems to be working fine. For now. Who's the patron Saint of home networks again?

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Of Course: The 360 Edition

You know when you hold off on making a tech purchase because you're worried that if you jump too quickly you'll regret it? Then after years of waiting you make that purchase only to hear of something better, faster, cheaper imediately afterwards but you happily discover it's not quite what you where looking for in the first place? Happens to me all the time. Here's the latest example.

After years of wanting a media extender for the living room (and wanting to remove the sneaknet of DVDs)  I sprang for a XBOX 360 (at an amazing price I might add) for just this task. Unfortunately being back ordered it has not arrived yet.

A couple of days later I'm listening to Window's Weekly # 84. Host Paul Thurrott mentions his pick for a cheap media device to watch video in the living room. Of course I say the XBOX 360… nope it's the WD TV HD Media Player!?!

I was a little bumbed until I discovered that the WD TV HD Media Player doesn't steam and you still have to sneakernet stuff on USB harddrives or keys. Still it's a cool product just not what I'm looking for.

Thank goodness.

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