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Wiiware Demos? About Time!

In the three years I've had my Wii I've probably played my Xbox 360 more (and I've only had that for the last year). All be it fun and the source of all my plastic guitar collection, the Wii has always had glaring short comings in the features department.

One such example is the lack of demos. Now this might seem a trivial point but I've lost hundreds of hours over the years to demos and in hindsight I wish I could have banked them for later use of sleepless nights with children, but I digress.

Since the only hard drive support for the Wii has been a SD card which is a far from elegant solution I have never thought we would see them on the little white console. I comparison I have almost filled up my 60GB hard drive on my Xbox 360 with demos.

So you can imagine my suprise when my blinking Wii notified me that for a limited time they would have five downloadable Wiiware demos.


Having played all but NyxQuest with my kids (those sleepless night are about to payback big time now that they can play video games with dad) I hope we can see more of the same in the future.

World of Goo is already a classic and works so well on the Wii you should certainly try it out. A super fun physics puzzle game. And great that you can play up to four players. 

Pokémon Rumble was a hit with the kids but I can see the repetitive game play getting old fast for adults.

Bit.Trip.Beat I thought was pretty innovative think Arkanoid meets Frequency. Of course the kids thought it was totally lame because dad was enjoying it.

The one negative is that the demo will launch the Wii store once completed in hopes of you purchasing it.

I really hope we see more of these demos from Nintendo it's a definite plus to try before you buy.

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Wii For Her On Valentines?

Last week FurtureShop's splash page had some suggestions for Valentine gifts for your special someone broken down by gender.

I don't know what this says about the perception of the Wii (not being a hardcore gaming machine even thought it outsells the other systems) or maybe this is the equivalent of guys buying their significant others a power tool for Valentine's day. Maybe it just bugs me that the Wii is on the same level for a girl gift as a pink iPod Nano.

Just a warning for those guys thinking of buying the Wii for their ladies. Don't pick-up Wii Fit in a bundle or you're asking for trouble. But if you're buying her that copy of P.S. I Love You (that was released in 2007?) I'm sure it would look really good on that HD television on the left.


Looks like this week the Wii has been replaced with a pink laptop. Image that.

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I Rocked So Hard I Only Hear Mono

Actually you haven't gone deaf from playing too much GH3, the Wii version only outputs audio in mono.

Activision is working with Nintendo to replace your disc with a re-mastered version of the game that will support the Dolby Pro Logic audio of the Wii. So sign up now for the pre-registration to score a replacement disc.

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Imitation Is The Greatest Form Of Flattery

This certainly isn't the first Wii knock off and it certainly won't be the last but this one makes the Vii look like a next gen console.

I caught this gem of questionable design inspiration called the Tilt on one of our recent grocery store trip.

It looks like you play the game on the little screen above the D-pad and of course there is motion sensitively included.

I can't believe you actually need that many buttons to play this level of video game. But even if you do need all of them, one hand would have to over lap the other to play the thing. I do love how the button on the reverse is a steal button, quite appropriate I would think in this case.

I'm not the only one to have found these Wii look a likes laughable and as usual YouTube has a plethora of examples of the game play… if you can call it that.

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Not So Green

Greenpeace have rated big business on how green they are. Most fail.

For shame Nintendo, scoring a zero. Mama Mia! I feel bad for owning a Wii now. I guess the only thing green about Nintendo is Mario's pipes. Oh and Luigi's overalls and those damn pipe plants and…

How long do you think it will take big companies to realize that there is more money in going green.

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