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Mr. Bean in Your Waiting Room

After death and taxes there are two constants in the universe.

1) You are going to have to wait in a line.

2) Mr. Bean will be playing on the waiting room television.

I don’t care where you are, Doctor’s office, DMV or even Ikea you’ll been entertained by the silent adventures of Mr. Bean.

Mr Bean @ Ikea

Bernard the Bear

If Mr. Bean had a love child with Wile E. Coyote it would be Bernard the Bear. Bernard stars in a series of shorts from Spanish animation studio BRB.

Bernard is made up of equal parts Mr. Bean's social ineptitude and Wile E. Coyote's physical slapstick. He is self centered, petty and can always make a situation worse. Certainly not a childhood role model but most of the time he gets his comeuppance for his less than shining behavior. I think that's where the underlying message is, what goes around comes around.

Moral soap boxing aside, I have not laughed out loud at a cartoon like this since the classic WB's. Also another aspect about Bernard I like is the subtle actions and facial expressions for the characters. It shows the strength of the animators when they can convey so much emotion with no dialog. And finally there is something that appeals to my inner child me about an animated character being physically injured so often. Bernard could certainly give Homer Simpson a run for his money.

You can see more Bernard on Veoh.

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