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Plague Movies Do Not Help One’s Hypochondria

This past week I watched both the BBC's remake of Survivors and Doomsday.

Not the best thing to watch when I can be bit of a hypochondriac.

Doomsday was okay, kind of a modern Mad Max. Even the over the top gore was reminiscent of 1980's horror movies. Fun, but not thought provoking.

Back in the 1980's I watched most of the old Survivors series on PBS and I was looking forward to the remake.

It's got high production value and a great ensemble cast. It's based in reality, unlike other ensemble cast shows like Lost, Heroes or zombie survival films. If there was a global pandemic to wipe out millions again, this is what it probably would look like.

I've only seen the first two episodes so far and I can't wait for more.

One thing the new Survivors series points out even more than the 1970's one, is how dependent on technology we have become. The survivors of the Black Death at the very least had the skills needed to rebuild society. Anyone here know how to farm or make clothes from raw materials?

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Second Watchmen Trailer

The second Watchmen trailer is out. I can't wait for this film, it's going to be so good.

With recent comic book blockbuster movies like Batman, Iron Man, Hellboy & Spider-Man I feel a little vindicated for liking comic books all these years. At the very least I get all the nuances to the films.

UPDATE: Thanks Belldandy for the tip.

Maybe I'll have to wait even longer to see Watchmen as their is a law suit going on as to which movie studio has the rights to distribute it.

Perhaps "Who watches the Watchmen" might end up being no one. Hopefully not.

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Entertainment: Music & Movies

the format is stolen, but the views expressed are mine 😉

.:What I'm Listening Too:.

Sloan: Parallel Play. What can I say, I've been a fan of Sloan since High School (which for some reason keeps getting farther and farther away) and they are pretty much the only band I'll buy an album sight unheard.

That said, it's not their best album but there are some stand out songs.

They funny thing I'm usually a Patrick Pentland kind of guy but with Parallel Play most of my favorites are Jay Ferguson's songs (Sloan fans will get it). Great songs like Witch's Wand, Cheap Champagne, Believe In Me and The Other Side make great additions to the Sloan set list.

Sloan is a band that evolves and changes and Parallel Play is no different. As apposed to their '70's rock heavy past few offerings Parallel Play leans to an almost light rock late '60's & '70's feeling and even Dylanesque on Down In The Basement. Though there are a few rock ones like I'm Not A Kid Anymore for the faithful.

One thing I have to say I completely hate about the album and this goes for all of my musical purchases is that I don't want no demo's, live versions or reprises. This ain't high school and I don't want no double or triple spaced albums. You only have 13 songs? Great put those on, it's okay if it's a short album. But please no padding.

All in all a good Sloan album and one that pushes them out their safety zone of musical creation.

Creature: No Sleep At All. It's always nice to rout for the home team.

Montreal's Creature released their first album a few months ago and I got a free track from either iTunes or music.download.com, I can't remember. Either way, I got it and have really been enjoying the album.

They've been compared to Blondie and Talking Heads, but never really listened to them so I can't tell if that's a good comparison.

Personally I think they've got a bit of Elastica, a pinch of Daft Punk's sound and '70's & '80's funk and rock. That's the closet I can get, you just have to listen to them yourself.

I'd like to point you where you could hear them, but unfortunately there is not many places to catch them. iTunes seems your best bet to at least get a sample of the entire album. Their MySpace page would be better to hear some full length songs.

Most of the album is up tempo dance / rock songs with the second half slowing things down a bit. Not that there's anything wrong with that, just personally I would have liked a few more fast songs. It's still all good.

One thing I totally love about them is that they don't take themselves too seriously and like to fool around. They have the first four steps of their 12 step program to get your inner freak on posted on YouTube (along with another half dozen video sites) . My personal favorites are step 1 and step 4.

I like seeing Canadian bands making great music like Sloan and Creature.

.:What I'm Watching:.

Wall•E. It must have been 10 years since I've seen a movie opening weekend.
I don't know who was looking forward to the latest Pixar film more, me or ET.

As usual a great film from Pixar. They did an excellent job telling a story when the main characters don't talk and can only emote though limited facial and body gestures.

The inclusion of live action footage was a little strange but certainly not the end of the world.

One little thing, if you've been watching the trailers you'll notice the catchy song used. Well, it's not on the soundtrack because it's not from Wall•E but Terry Gilliam's film Brazil. It's called Central Services / The Office.

Also check out Buy N Large's official site for more info on the Wall•E universe. And the free demo of the PC game.

Indiana Jones: Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. If it's been 10 years for me to see a film on opening weekend, then I have no idea the last time I saw two movies in two days.

The movie was okay and since it's been out for months I'm probably the last to see it .

What i did like, it gave Donna and I a chance to get out for a few hours alone. Now that's been a few years.

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Who Will Be Watching The Watchmen?

I know I will be when the film comes out March (2009).

Watchmen is important because is changed how superheros were thought of.  They were no longer perfect moral compasses for the rest of society to follow. They would kill and be killed, were flawed and brutally realistic. That people and governments would outlaw heroes was a foreign idea before Watchmen.

To the non-comic reading people out there, you really should go see Watchmen. In fact you've already seen stuff that owes it's existence to this Alan Moore series.

Heroes the television series owes a lot to Watchmen if not in tone and characterization but also plot. Even Pixar's The Incredibles with it's kid friendly story was influenced by Watchmen. And if you're interested there are countless comic series such as Kingdom Come and Powers you should read.

In the meantime check out the Watchmen production blog for updates.

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Star Trek Underconstruction

I've known that new Star Trek prequel film (that will focus around a young James Kirk) was coming for a while and it's given me plenty of time to dread how Hollywood will ruin yet another of my favorite childhood sci-fi franchises a la Star Wars Episode I.

Having J.J. Abrams directing does give me some hope that it might not totally suck, I just hope that it's faster paced than Lost.

Paramount has launched a bare bones site (for the time being I'm sure) where you can watch the teaser trailer that gets the Trek fan boy in me all a quiver. Also AOL Movies has some photos of the cast, if you're not already familiar with who's playing who.

I guess I'll have to wait and actually see the film before I condemn it. Only 11 months to go.

[Insert mandatory beam me up Scotty joke here]

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