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Hand Over Your iPod

In Montreal there has been a few attacks and stabbings of late in the Metro and the culprit seems to be iPods. No, the iPods aren't stabbing people but muggers sure are and portable music players are very tempting target.

Yesterday CTV Montreal News covered the trend and SPVM has advised people to keep their iPods out of sight on the Metro.

That's good advice, unfortunately in today's fast paced, sound byte news they left out a critical point.

When out in public ditch those trademark white ear buds for anything else. Nothing screams I've got a $300+ music player and come and get it like those do.

And if you want to go to extreme lengths, you should  always carry an old media player along with your iPod so you can hand that over when / if mugged. Because we all have a few of those lying around. Think of it as recycling .

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Milk & Migraines

All yesterday I was fighting off a headache at work (much like I am today) and did a pretty good job. But that went out the door soon as I picked up the boys and they picked yesterday to scream.

After dinner I was feeling pretty sick, but we were out of milk so while Donna got the kids really for bed I went off to the Metro around the corner from us.

I picked up two bags of 3% (so we'd be good for a few days at least), headed for the cash, payed debit and drove home. I get home and go to head in when I notice the bag is really light… because there is only one bag of milk inside. I was so out of it I didn't even notice that they bagged then separately. So I bring that one in the house and then drive back to Metro where they had kept my milk on the side, I guess that happens a lot. D'oh.

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