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New Doctor Who Monster Coins

The Dalek Medal

The Royal Mint has released three new Doctor Who medals that each show a monster from the 2010 series. The revamped Daleks, The Smilers and the Weeping Angels all get the coin treatment in this Monster Metal collection. The medals all come in their own info card and look pretty good.

Unfortunately like the previous collection that featured David Tennant’s 10th Doctor, K-9 and the Daleks, this collection also seems to be geo-locked to the UK for shipping. I am awaiting to hear back from the Royal Mint on this though, so keep your fingers crossed.

Update: I’ve received confirmation from the Royal Mint that the new set of Doctor Who Medals are UK only due to the licensing policy of the BBC.

I know two little boys who would love to get these for their birthdays.

The Smiler Medal
The Weeping Angel Medal

Canada’s Olympic Drought, Over!

All I can say it thank god we started winning some medals! I was starting to get worried there.

Although this has been my least watched Olympic Games ever (not from lack of interest, just lack of free time), I was still keeping an eye on the Canadian medal count. Unfortunately, for about a week the count was stuck at zero. I'm relived that we're not going to be walking away empty handed.

I am disappointed with the lack of sailing on CBC's on demand site, I would like to have seem some sailing and see how the pros do it.

Holy crap, way to go Australia!

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