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Photographic Gold

Downsizing yet another box of stuff I came across some old photos. Most were doubles or have been scanned but a few I can't remember seeing in decades or at all. As one who has always enjoyed taking photos to find some new ones was a real treat.

LegoAutobot city

You youngsters out there will be hard pressed to remember a time when Lego didn't come in themed sets with all the right pieces, but in my youth you had to make due with what you had and we liked it that way. If that meant Autobot City had to be multi-coloured so be it. Or building a Death Star Corba Terror Dome snake creature thingy meant you had to plan ahead to make sure you had enough black blocks to complete it, that's what you did.

the guys in grade 6Me

Being the photographer usually means that it's rare to see one's self in a photo. But that makes it all that more meaningful when you do get one. Even if you're behind the crowd or looking a little dorky on your parent's lawn in the 1980's.

I just love that there is proof that at one time I was skinner than my sister Kim because those days are long gone. Gone!

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The Band’s Back Together

Last Friday to celebrate the end of summer / Labour Day weekend we had a corn roast at work.

My co-worker Christ sang and I accompanied on my guitar. We only had two days to practice and I hadn't played so much guitar in three to four years. We only did three songs, but I believe in quality over quantity.

These are some other videos posted on YouTube from some of my co-workers. Wow, multiple camera show!

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Unleash Your Inner Manga

Following as I do the technorati I've got the inside line on the next internet meme and it's FaceYourManga.

Very similar to the South Park or Simpsons creators of yore. Or think Mii on your Wii.

You get a plethora of options to design your avatar and background and even add text to your clothing (which is one letter short for grantalias).

For 1,50€ you can even buy your avatar in a "digital file" to brand your site. It would be nice though to know what the resolution was before buying. Of course I think the majority of people will be very happy with the low resolution copy they get.

A great little service for people who were not lucky enough to get a personalized animated version of themselves.

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Saint-Jean / Exporail

This past Saint-Jean the boys, my parents and I went to Exporail. Unfortunately Donna had to work.

The boys really love going. ET loves the train rides as this is the only place he has ever been on one or any kind of public transportation for that matter. I assume if we took really public transport he'd be really board.

Carts was hysterical for the model trains and was so excited seeing them moving around and going to tunnels and over the bridges.

But they both really enjoyed getting on go on the trains. The Museum has a large collection of trains (indoors so no worries about bad weather like in the old days) and a few you can get on and walk through.

The boys didn't get to have a nap so ET was a little hyper and selective in his hearing. We were waiting for the trolley to arrive at one of the stations when he runs across the tracks. Needless to say I was freaked out and terrified. Of course he thought it was really funny. Ah kids. Another story to tell him when he's older.

I highly recommend it for families with small kids, since what kids don't love trains.

IMG_6632IMG_6631IMG_6630IMG_6586IMG_6639IMG_6638_editedIMG_6637_editedIMG_6636_editedhella big garageIMG_6634IMG_6633IMG_6629IMG_6624



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Camping With The Parents

Alternately this post could be titled How My Dad Is Still Trying To Do Me In And Make It Look Like An Accident, but more on that latter in the post.

This past weekend I got away (alone) and went camping with my parents. I find it funny and reassuring that no matter how old I am (or how many kids I have myself), I'm still my parent's kid.

One of the projects was to get the mast of my dad's sailboat up. It's huge, aluminum and sits in a small cup the size of a hard boiled egg holder on the deck. The three stays hold it in place magically.

I've always had an irrational unease when my dad puts the mast up. And after 20 years I was proven correct. After we got the mast up and all that was left to do was tighten up the turnbuckles on the three stays, one of them snapped sending the mast into the lake and missed me by two meters. Scared the crap out of me!

No you we're trying to kill me Dad. Yes I can hear you grumble as you read this.

Luckily no damage to the boat, mast, or my person but the broken turnbuckle put my dad's sailboat out of commission until he gets a new one delivered (hopefully before this coming weekend).

But it all kind of worked out (as things usually do) since it rained Sunday morning and the sailing races were canceled. Unfortunately they were to be held off our dock.

All in all it was still great to get up to the lake, have a beer by the fire, sleep in a tent, get a nap and for a few hours take it easy.

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Father’s Day Weekend

What a busy weekend that was.

Saturday, a local Zoo was showing off a few animals at the now Wal-Martless mall. My sister met us there with her kids. Let me tell you… trying to keep three kids under the age of four occupied while waiting in a line is alot of work! We pulled out all the stops from candy to ipod videos.

An upside to all this work was that we got kid passes to the Zoo and since we were planning to go for our yearly trip anyway it was two birds with one stone kind of deal.

I was super surprised that our kids touched the snake, I didn't see that one coming.

On Sunday we again with my sister and her kids when to LaRonde and even got them in free with some coupons we got with out season passes.

Luckly, Donna being pregnant and unable to go on the rides A) looked after my new nephew how was born last month and B) took some photos and video so there is proof for future generations that I was actually around and not absent from every event or activity. Thank you Donna.

One thing I've got to say. First really hot weekend at the place so super packed and you're not fully staffed to have all the kiddie rides running. Fail LaRonde, fail!

It was a great day all be it a very hot time, but I love seeing the little cousins play and interact. I know they see each other at daycare, but us parents don't get to see that.

Serendipitously, Caillou made an appearance and the kids were reasonably entertained. Of course looking at the video after the fact it's hard to understand. I guess it helps to be a kid sometimes.

What I found really funny was the kids show they have there and they sing Mika's Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), but in French with kid tailored lyrics.Very strange to say the least.

And the little troopers were asleep before we got to the van in the parking lot.

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LaRonde Opening Weekend 2008

Well we've made the investment this year again of season passes for LaRonde. Last year we went so often that we made our money back and it's a great activity for the boys. Plus they usually fall asleep on the way home.

They seem to have done away with the Sponge Bob Square Pants 3D ride and moved the Nintendo pavilion into the space. It kind of sucks because that was the only modern high tech ride at the park that was comparable to a ride at Universal Studios. Of course the 3D scared ET a bit last year and they boys would still be too small to sit on the hydraulic seats.

It was a beautiful day and the park was not that packed (well at least the kiddie rides). Donna's brother Steven came with us and in 3 hours was only able to get on three roller coasters. Yikes.

The one downside to the day is that with Donna in her present condition can't even go on the kid rides so it now takes twice as long to go on them. The upside is that Donna is now the photographer this summer and you'll be seeing photos of me and the boys!

What is nice though is that ET is now tall enough to go on a few by himself and scare us to death.

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South Park Shafts Canada… Again!

Listening to the lastest BOL (RE:689, Hi JOMOTO, ❤ the show) it turns out that the creators of South Park are tired of illegally downloading their own show so they have setup South Park Studios where you can stream all 12 seasons.

Downside? South Park Studios is geolocked to the good old US of A only.
Bad enough they had to invade us in the movie, but now this. Though the site does seem to suggest that it's "coming soon". Oh well, par for the course.

Upside? The other 6 billion of us can at least use the Avatar Creator. Though the Simpsons avatar creator is much better than the South Park one.

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