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What a Waste

So this past weekend was pretty much a wright off, or was it? I would just like to thank my kids for being on their best behavior so I didn't have to lock myself in the closet, because I was in no shape to put up a fight.

Thanks to McDonald's on Friday night both Donna and I were pretty sick this past weekend and tried to stay close to the bathroom. Next time we get the salad.

But I did get out to Free Comic Book Day picking up my reserve and getting some free stuff also. Including a Spider-Man and the much sought after Andy Runton's Owly: Helping Hands for Ethan.

I spent alot of time with Carter, which I don't usually do since I'm usually trying to keep Ethan entertained and that was really nice. And on Sunday I took Ethan to the park in an attempt to syphon off some of his excess energy. He's such a kid. On the swings I'm really pushing him and he's yelling "To

Infinity and Beyond" Buzz
Lightyear's catch phrase. I wish I had been able to get that on video.

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