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Vancouver 2010 Mascots

The mascots for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games have been unveiled. They are dangerously high on the cute factor so be forewarned.

Here is a little info on the mascots taken from the official Vancouver 2010 site.

Each of the creatures is distinct and special – both in personality and in appearance. One is big, gentle and shy . . . one is small, mischievous and outgoing . . . and one is a natural-born leader with a passion for protecting the environment. All three are mythical creatures with roots in local legend. One is a sasquatch. One is a sea-bear. And one is an animal guardian spirit.

I totally love them and the promotional video is great. Very reminiscent of our old friend Katamari. And yes I'm sorry that you can't stop singing the Katamari song now.

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