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Marvel Star Wars Does Not Bring a New Hope to Franchise

Dark Horse comics lost the Star Wars licence when their contract ran out and Disney bought Lucasfilm. Disney owns Marvel Comics so the galaxy far far away returned to where Star Wars comics began a long ago.

Star Wars #1

Marvel Comics releases a few new series of Star Wars in 2015 and I start reading the main “Star Wars”. Good writing capturing the voice of the characters and good art from Cassaday. Not up to his level in Planetary but okay for a licenced property (I’m looking at you Star Trek). But lord why would they place this between Episode 4 A New Hope and Episode 5 Empire Strikes Back? We know no one is going to die no matter what happens for 40 years since the original cast is back for Episode 8 The Force Awakens. Luke crashes the Emperors co-ed beach party in only a speedo? Guess what he’s going to make it out alive riding Palatine’s surf board. Han Solo Bleeding out in some alien wasteland with no chance of rescue? That nerf herder will pull through and have a quip for Chewbacca. For 40 years!

Then the actual comic logistics. Are we going to have 20 to 40 issues before we are treated to a movie adaptation of Empire and then another 20-40 issues till the same for Return of the Jedi? I had really hoped that this series would have picked up after the Yuuzhan Vong stories in the novels but I probably could have been happy with after Return of the Jedi.

And the bantha in the room, Marvel already covered this era of Star Wars the last time they had the licence in the 70’s and 80’s, I know because I read them the first time around and this time there’s no kitschy 70’s since artwork.

I think Marvel and Disney missed an opportunity to move the story forward and decided to make a few bucks playing on our childhood nostalgia. So I think I’ll be removing Star Wars from my pull list with issue 12 as the lastest issue (#6) has failed to change my mind with a blinded non Jedi Luke escaping Boba Fett. Surprise, surprise. I really thought Luke was going to bite it.

Star Wars #6