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More Hodgman Than You Require

John Hodgman, everyone's favorite minor television personality and purveyor of totally ture made up facts is back with a new book More Information Than You Require.

To promote his new book he's been making the rounds of some of my favorite internet shows.

Jodgman has recently been a guest on two episodes of You Look Nice Today along with Jonathan Coulton.

Selfish Express
Faux Tog

Also Jodgman has promoted his book on Boing Boing TV and appeared into miniseries SPAMasterpiece Theater.

Leo Laporte of TWIT interviewed Hodgman about his role as the PC in the Apple adds.

Hodgman on TWIT #167

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iPod Touch Apps

I've spent a good part of the night watching Leo Laporte on his 24 hours of iPhone coverage.

So I got iTunes 7.7 to get into the App Store and as you can see I've already downloaded some apps. Unfortunately they still haven't pushed the 2.0 firmware so hopefully it will be out when I wake up in a few hours.

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Roz Savage

Have you ever thought that your life could use some more excitement? Sure, we all do once in a while and that's a natural. But most of us don't go to the extremes of Roz Savage.

In her mid 30's she quite her job and gave up the quite suburban life to solo row the Atlantic in 2006.

After an aborted attempt last year Roz is currently off the west of coast of the United States rowing to Australia. If this attempt is successful she'll be the first woman to row the Pacific ocean.

Roz has daily updates on her blog and you can follow her on twitter (unfortunately they are having some difficulties right now with her twittering from the satellite phone). You can even follow Roz's progress from her GPS. There will even be a podcast (in the near future) from the TWIT network. Chief Twit Leo Laporte said on a recent show that the podcast hasn't launched yet due to the last minute departure of Roz to take advantage of favorable weather conditions. Also check out Roz's Smug Mug photos.

It just blows my mind. Alone for months in the middle of the ocean. Wow!

UPDATE: The TWIT podcast Roz Rows is now live.

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Listing to the TWIT network recently I've heard Leo asking the question, who would want an iPod Classic when they could get the iPod Touch (releases October 1st here in Canada). Looks like Best Buy doesn't know either and isn't advertising it on there main page. Though it's still $20 off.

Are they alredy starting to down play the classic form factor? Maybe they are just gearing up for the HHD based iTouch that will eventually come out. Oh you know it's coming.

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The Future of Tv

Looks like Leo and Amber will be doing a live chat on the Futureshop site this coming September 27 @ 2:30pm EST. You'll need to sign up for the Futureshop forums to participate. For a second there, (before I read it) I thought they were going to be appearing at my local store. And then I was trying to think of ways to get the day off work so I could see them.

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Two months after the  iPhone is released to overwhelming hype success Steven Jobs dropped the price by $200. Yikes. That's right $200 dollars.

So Steve has posted an open letter to all iPhone users about how basically this is great for Apple and the coming Christmas buying season. Also how there will always be people who buy a product before a certain price drop and those who are eternally waiting for the next one. But they are going to give iPhone early adopters $100 Apple store credit to make up for it.

CNet's Molly Wood goes off pretty hard on the price drop on last Thursday's epside of Buzz Out Loud.

Thank god that there are people like Leo Laporte that drive down prices for the rest of us. Usually right after he buys a product, you know there's going to be a price drop. Thanks Leo.

And finally, does anyone else think it strange that you can order the new Nano's on Apple's Canadian site when all the Canadian outlets are only allowing you to pre-order for the end of the month?

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Too Zune

There's this great clip of Leo Laporte of TWIT on what seems like Indigital (I haven't watched the latest epsiode yet from REV3 yet) going nutsoid (for Leo anyway) about the Micro$oft Zune.

Leo makes some great reasons why not to buy it like how M$ is paying record labels a percentage of sale of the players.

But I don't agree with him on the downsides of the wi-fi though. What players can buy songs over wi-fi or surf the web… ah none. It's kind of cool that you could share songs (pictures, video)  with fellow Zuners, the downside is trying to find one :-).

He's right about the DRM being a pain, but that's true of any closed music store system. People have no problem getting nailed to IPod DRM but the reason they are all off on the Zune is that they know their investment in ITunes is useless outside of the IPod. I just hope for all those IPoders ITunes never dies or they are stuck with a capital "I". Another downside to ITunes is for the time being able to buy videos is solely an American pleasure. So bittorent still has a place in my heart.

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