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C|Net the New TechTV?

In 2004 TechTV was bought by Comcast and within six months we saw a great technology network retooled for the Jackass generation. Those of us wanting more followed former TechTV talent to TWIT & Rervision3 to name a few.

One such destination has been CNET. They produce more original content than most networks, let alone technology content. Just check out CNet TV and you'll that CNet is a top of the line technology resource.

When CBS acquired CNET earlier this year, it finally seemed as the major networks had taken notice of the importance of top tier technology reporting. Unlike what they usually pass off as tech segments.

But six months later, CBS Interactive (in which CNet is included) is laying off almost 300 employees and probably safe to say there will be more down the road. One can not help but think that this might be to the detriment of CNet.

I hope we do not see history repeat itself.

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