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Father’s Day Weekend

What a busy weekend that was.

Saturday, a local Zoo was showing off a few animals at the now Wal-Martless mall. My sister met us there with her kids. Let me tell you… trying to keep three kids under the age of four occupied while waiting in a line is alot of work! We pulled out all the stops from candy to ipod videos.

An upside to all this work was that we got kid passes to the Zoo and since we were planning to go for our yearly trip anyway it was two birds with one stone kind of deal.

I was super surprised that our kids touched the snake, I didn't see that one coming.

On Sunday we again with my sister and her kids when to LaRonde and even got them in free with some coupons we got with out season passes.

Luckly, Donna being pregnant and unable to go on the rides A) looked after my new nephew how was born last month and B) took some photos and video so there is proof for future generations that I was actually around and not absent from every event or activity. Thank you Donna.

One thing I've got to say. First really hot weekend at the place so super packed and you're not fully staffed to have all the kiddie rides running. Fail LaRonde, fail!

It was a great day all be it a very hot time, but I love seeing the little cousins play and interact. I know they see each other at daycare, but us parents don't get to see that.

Serendipitously, Caillou made an appearance and the kids were reasonably entertained. Of course looking at the video after the fact it's hard to understand. I guess it helps to be a kid sometimes.

What I found really funny was the kids show they have there and they sing Mika's Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), but in French with kid tailored lyrics.Very strange to say the least.

And the little troopers were asleep before we got to the van in the parking lot.

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Thursday Nights Are On

With the warm weather upon us the local Ice Cream parlor has reopened for the season and the classic cars are having their weekly gathering at the dinner next door, Thursday night is back on.

Since ET has been fully aware that the cars started showing up two weeks ago and the Ice Cream parlor was open back in March, when on the way back from daycare he let me know that there are "people inside". It was only a matter of time before we went.

Not only did the four of us go, but my sister and her family also came out to meet us.

I always love seeing the kids together. They were so cute eating all their ice cream… I mean the ice cream that didn't melt down their hands. Thanks to Donna for bringing some wipes they cleaned up pretty good.

The kids really got excited when the Impalla started hopping, you can hear them in the video.

Oh and if you're wondering I'm back on the Parfaits.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm really wanting to pay for that pro account over at Animoto. 30 seconds videos are not enough!


kids, cars & ice cream

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Children Invade Bark Lake


It was quite the busy weekend. Not only did the four of us (Donna, Ethan, Carter and myself) go camping, but my sister Kim and her husband Phil and their daughter Jade and our friends Aaron and Cynthia with their two sons Aidan and Declan also came up.

It's been years since we'll all been up there together. Of course there was hardly any alcohol consumed this time around. But it was still great to have the gang back together for a few hours. Plus the kids are older now and they can for the most part keep each other busy. We just need to keep an eye on them and make sure they don't go over the side of the campsite.

While my sister was trying to get Jade to have a nap my dad and I took the boys for a boat ride. It was a little cold out on the lake. Thank goodness they had hoods on their jackets.


On the way back we stopped off to see my friend Josh and his brother in law Nick who were wrapping up a week of working and recreation at their cottage. The kids downed a blow of corn chippy things and ran around on the balcony. I did have to pull apart Ethan and Aidan apart few times for the usually kid pushing.

Dinner was great but we had way too much food. That's what usually happens when everyone brings something. On the upside there was lots of food. Better more than less I always say. Josh and Nick come over for a bit after dinner and we had a fire more out of necessity than ascetics. The temperature dropped a wee bit this weekend.


Sunday morning was freezing. Luckily my dad had just bought a heater and it upped the temperature in the shelter by 10 degrees C.

My dad and I went off to sailing and I actually won the day, first time this year and probably the last. I finished 1st, 3rd and 2nd with 18 points. There wasn't that much wind, but it was the most I've got to sail in this summer. Everything just flows away when I'm out there, it's the most relaxing / stressful / fun time I can have.


All the other photos from this week can be found in the Bark Lake 2007 collection.

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Phil 30

Last Friday my brother in-law Phil turned 30 and Saturday his brother Nick held a party for him.

Donna and the boys stayed home since Jade had a touch of gastro during the week so we decided to error on the side of caution. Read this post if you think I'm a pussy for not wanting to get my kids sick.

I got totally stuffed (I was still full the next m orning) with dinner. Nick had these… well he called them hamburgers but they must have contained half a cow each. They were massive.

Some of the gang (everyone except me since I didn't bring a bathing suit) played some water volleyball. I took some pretty cool time lapse photos of the game.

Happy birthday Phil!


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Vacation, Part III

My sister invited us over for dinner the day after the Zoo. It was really great to hang out at Kim's house and relax. It was also great to see the little cousins get some playtime together. We were to eat early but time got away from us and we ended up eating late and having to jet to meet Donna's dad over at the Thursday antique car show (but I was just two blocks away).


You'd think going almost every week to see the cars, we'd have seen them all by now… but there's always some new ones showing up. Ethan really enjoys seeing them because during the six days leading up to Thursday I'm always telling how many days are left.


After the cars we crossed the street to get some ice cream for everyone and I seemed like everyone else had the same idea. Donna must have waited in line for a good 20 minutes. Donna's dad did a great job of keeping the kids distracted while we waited.


And I got to also play around with the time delay on the my camera while we ate our ice cream.

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Vacation, Part II

After lying around the house Monday (besides taking the boys to see their doctor) and Tuesday we went to Granby Zoo on the Wednesday.

Donna's dad and brother Steven came along and we were to meet my sister and her family there but (of course) we left late and were almost an hour late arriving. And I missed the exit because I read the directions on their website if you were coming from Sherbrooke. But I don't think we lost any time since the correct exit had so much traffic with people getting off for the Zoo.


  We did the same route as last year except we found a whole other leg of the outdoor animals that we didn't even know we missed from last year. Ethan didn't say very long in the stroller and quickly jumped on the wagon we had brought to carry our lunch.

We met up with my sister and her family for lunch after 4 or 5 long distance (probably roaming calls) on our cells then I realized that we both had FRS radios and could have just used those. D'Oh.

After lunch my sister was going to check out the water park and we'd hit the new Africa area that they were building last year.


The bad thing about going to a Zoo during the heat of the summer is that a lot the animals are totally hiding out from the heat and you're lucky to see them at all. On the other hand I'd feel bad if they were trotted out just so we could get a look at them. The Zoo is great and all but I'm sure they would rather be out in the wild.


In the Africa exhibit that had all these vechiles for the kids to climb on. Ethan kept screaming every time we lifted him into the airplane. He obviously wanted to get in but we couldn't figure out why he freaked out. Finally we got the a clue and realized that he wanted to get in by himself. He really wants to be self sufficient at times.

I just couldn't help shake feeling that we could have also been at a Dharma installation somewhere on the island. But maybe that's just me.

As we were finishing the Africa exhibit my sister FRS'ed me to let me know that they would be taking off and that we'd get together the next day (more on that later).

Well the water park super packed this visit but still fun even tough there were hundreds of kids running around. And yes there is only one picture from the water park because I had my shirt off in public and didn't want there to be any evidence. We stayed there for a couple of hours (like till 6pm, what a long day) and then went back to Donna's parents for dinner.

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Mother’s Day Weekend

Father and SonIMG_0418IMG_0417

So the friday we had a great night out (10:30 or so, hey we've got kids) at Anne and Chris' and had the chance to see some old high school friends (not that they are old, but the length of time since high school in relation to the time since we've last seen them…. if that makes sense.) Anyway we had a great time and the kids feel right to sleep on the car ride home and we totally dodged the get everyone to bed ritual. So no need to ritually slaughter a goat like the good folks over at Playstation.

Saturday was your usual tree stump removal kind of day. And thankfully no one hit the gas line that runs through the back yard.

And some how Ethan managed to fall asleep during the whole thing. Kids… you've got this huge gas power tool outside spraying wood chips all over the backyard, all sorts of noise and the possible hilarity that ensures from a ruptured gas main and Ethan's asleep on the couch.

Of course the little man perked up with the mention a visit to the grandparents (for an early mother's day) with the guarantee that we would be stopping by McDonalds for dinner.

Since Donna and I were almost killed by McDonalds last week, we visited the Brossard location on the corner of scenic Rome Boulevard and Taschereau or as I like to call it ye o'134. Not really, but if I dressed in medieval or if fancy took me, perchance a Victorian garb that's what I would call it. Forsooth!


Sunday we had one of Jim's bbq dinners (and greatly anticipated I might add, summer is here officially). I can always count on the in-laws for severing up a great serf and turf dinner. Of course I always get made fun of for not wanting to eat the lobster with the face attached. You wouldn't eat a hamburger with a cow head sticking out the side of the bun, would you? No, that's just stupid. But if it was red and wore it's skeleton on the outside then by all means stick that red skeleton covered hefer right in that bun between some pickles and onions.

And stop….

This therapeutic post was brought to you by Grant's pent up imagination and desire to be a Web 2.0 personality.

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