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Kid Gym

As you get older you know you're not as in good shape as you once where but nothing makes you come face to face with that realization than following a todler through a kid gym.

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If you have small kids you should so be letting them watch the Sesame Street Podcast . ET's current favorite is octagon with Jack Black. When we drive around his points out all the octagons. It was cute the first few dozen times.

If you don't have iTunes you can always check out their YouTube channel or the official site.

Google isn't the only one who has products perpetually in beta. Now your kids can feel just like mom and dad with a beta site. Beta means it's cool.

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My Parent Hack

Ever have to change a child's car seat in sub zero temperatures? If you have, you'll know that your fingers go numb pretty quickly manipulating the solid metal locking clip.

Here's my parent hack; I'm so proud of myself. So please don't tell me you've already figured this one out. Okay?

Put the locking clip in your pocket for a few minutes to warm it up. It should stay warm long enough to install it.

If possible my next family vechile will be a post 2002 model so that it comes with UAS.

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Labour Day 2007

Another Labour Day has come and gone and we were lucky enough to spend it with friends at the Church's in the eastern townships.

Thanks Linda and Phil for letting us invade your home for a few days.

The kids (Ethan, Carter and Jade) had a great time and really kept themselves busy playing in our tent. It was great to see the boys playing with their little cousin.

We brought Ethan's ATV, unfortunately I misjudged the level of charge on the battery and didn't bring the charger. Next year I'm totally going to be prepared.


Or course we forgot beach toys, luckily the Church's neighbors lent some of the weekend and the kids had fun playing in the sand


And of course it was great to see so many old friends.


This labour day also let me have some time to play around with my camera and get some nice shots. Or at least I think so. Although I'm starting to see the limitations of a $200 digital camera. Thanks Jamie Hynes.


Hopefully next year Carter will get over his need to wake up between 5:30am and 6am and maybe sleep in a bit like his older brother. Of course there will be a dozen kids there next year so the chance of all of them sleeping in is pretty small. All I can say is thank god that the Church's have a microwave.


Check out the collection below to see all the Labour Day photos.

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Even Better Than the Lottery


When we bought the house we thought, oh how nice a green space right across the street. Shortly after we heard that it had been sold and Condos were going to be built. We were bummed but there is another park right around the corner so not the end of the world.

This past week they started installing swings and a jungle gym step up. Lets just say I hope they get it build fast because Ethan can't wait to try it out.

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Class of ’95 Kid Reunion

One of my old class mates (thanks Emma) organized a reunion for those of us with kids this past weekend. It was really nice to get out with the boys and do something different then our usual weekend fair.

It was held in a trendy kids cafe in Montreal and across the street was nice big park with your usual money bar / slide stuff but it also had a small water park. Unfortunately Ethan caught a glimpse of it on the way in and ended up pinning for it most of the time we were at the cafe.

There was a little vote for fun and I was voted least changed?!? I was surprised to say the least.

Grad most changed: Kat!
Grad least changed: Grant!
Child with most unique name: Tristan! (Vicki)
Child who stands out: Carter! (Grant)


It was really great to see some old friends and their wonderful kids. It's still strange to think we're parents… sometimes High School just seems like it happened yesterday. Of course on the other hand, having kids can really make you feel old sometimes to. 🙂

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What all Parents Computer’s Need

Ever since Carts has started crawling / cruising he has had a fascination with my computer's dvd-rom trays (that would be my new computer that I've only had for a year and I waited 5 years to buy. That computer.)

So I've had this horrible fear that one day he would eject one of the trays and then snap it off. So I decided to do something about it.

That's where I found Sidi from Download.com. It's a little free program that sits in your task bar and allows you to lock down all your drive trays. Very useful. So if you have children and a computer go get this now before it's too late.

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