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Don’t Drink and Wii

JP and Jodie came over tonight for dinner (which was delicious, thanks Donna) and we played some Wii Sports and Wii Play. There were a few close calls but no one got a Wiimote to the head.

This is most I've played in months. Tennis was crazy fun.

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AVG 7.5 Free

I've been using AVG Free version as a virus scan for so long I can't remember. N-e-who they've sent out notices that they are discontinuing their support for ver 7.0. This is a problem for me since everyone I do tech support for I install this for them (about 4 machines).


I told my friend JP about it and he pointed me to a entry on the Ztele la Revanche des Nerdz about how they are releasing a free version of the new 7.5.

So if you're using AVG Free 7.0 get over to Girsoft and download version 7.5 Free.

thanks JP.

ps. oh and JP remember how I wanted to copy it off your system I wouldn't have to download because I don't have you fast cable net connection? Well it's taken about 30 minutes to get it on my DSL.

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