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Montreal Railroad Modelers Association

This past weekend the Montreal Railroad Modelers Association held an open house. My parents, the boys and myself went.

I've got to say, their set up blows away anything I've ever seen before. My photos can not begin to impress how huge and incredibly detailed this is.

Thankfully my parents had borrowed my Aunt's step stool (thanks Louise) otherwise we would have been lifting the boys up the whole time as the trains are about 4 feet high off the ground.

For those of you wondering, they only have an open house once a year, but visits for individuals and groups can be made. I'd check their site for the next open house if you're interested.

The boys really liked it when my mom talked to one of the members and he got Thomas the Steam Engine going. We followed him around the whole track. Those little trains move pretty fast.

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Children Invade Bark Lake


It was quite the busy weekend. Not only did the four of us (Donna, Ethan, Carter and myself) go camping, but my sister Kim and her husband Phil and their daughter Jade and our friends Aaron and Cynthia with their two sons Aidan and Declan also came up.

It's been years since we'll all been up there together. Of course there was hardly any alcohol consumed this time around. But it was still great to have the gang back together for a few hours. Plus the kids are older now and they can for the most part keep each other busy. We just need to keep an eye on them and make sure they don't go over the side of the campsite.

While my sister was trying to get Jade to have a nap my dad and I took the boys for a boat ride. It was a little cold out on the lake. Thank goodness they had hoods on their jackets.


On the way back we stopped off to see my friend Josh and his brother in law Nick who were wrapping up a week of working and recreation at their cottage. The kids downed a blow of corn chippy things and ran around on the balcony. I did have to pull apart Ethan and Aidan apart few times for the usually kid pushing.

Dinner was great but we had way too much food. That's what usually happens when everyone brings something. On the upside there was lots of food. Better more than less I always say. Josh and Nick come over for a bit after dinner and we had a fire more out of necessity than ascetics. The temperature dropped a wee bit this weekend.


Sunday morning was freezing. Luckily my dad had just bought a heater and it upped the temperature in the shelter by 10 degrees C.

My dad and I went off to sailing and I actually won the day, first time this year and probably the last. I finished 1st, 3rd and 2nd with 18 points. There wasn't that much wind, but it was the most I've got to sail in this summer. Everything just flows away when I'm out there, it's the most relaxing / stressful / fun time I can have.


All the other photos from this week can be found in the Bark Lake 2007 collection.

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I See You on Thursday

Carter was sad to see Ethan and I leaving tonight, he's so cute.

My dad joined us for this week's Thursday cars / ice cream night. I guess because of the downpours we had today there was 1/5 the turnout there usually is. Even though it was nice in the evening I guess a lot of people decided to say home.

Ethan likes to see the inside of the cars so I always pick him up so he can look in. It was bound to happen, tonight he accidentally kicked one of the cars as I was holding him up. Not at all hard, he was just swinging his legs. Well a guy came over to tell us off like he was going after it with a sledge hammer.

I don't know what annoyed me more, some guy telling off my kid (who I was in the process of disciplining) or that he thinks that a canary yellow '96 Mustang is a classic car. If my kid really wanted to destroy your car there would be nothing left but a crater. He's three, cut him some slack.

After checking out the few cars that did show up, we headed across the street for some ice cream. Thankfully with the cool weather there was no line up and we were able to get a table. Ethan stayed remarkable clean. I think it was the cool weather that stopped his cone from turning into a puddle in his hands. Whatever the reason I'm not going to question it. My dad made Ethan hysterical by pretending that his finger was a mouse popping out of the sun umbrella hole in the table. Ethan likes to laugh.

After that we dropped in on my sister to see the new windows they had installed today. I was very excited. I guess it's from years of watching this old house with my dad.


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Mother’s Day Weekend

Father and SonIMG_0418IMG_0417

So the friday we had a great night out (10:30 or so, hey we've got kids) at Anne and Chris' and had the chance to see some old high school friends (not that they are old, but the length of time since high school in relation to the time since we've last seen them…. if that makes sense.) Anyway we had a great time and the kids feel right to sleep on the car ride home and we totally dodged the get everyone to bed ritual. So no need to ritually slaughter a goat like the good folks over at Playstation.

Saturday was your usual tree stump removal kind of day. And thankfully no one hit the gas line that runs through the back yard.

And some how Ethan managed to fall asleep during the whole thing. Kids… you've got this huge gas power tool outside spraying wood chips all over the backyard, all sorts of noise and the possible hilarity that ensures from a ruptured gas main and Ethan's asleep on the couch.

Of course the little man perked up with the mention a visit to the grandparents (for an early mother's day) with the guarantee that we would be stopping by McDonalds for dinner.

Since Donna and I were almost killed by McDonalds last week, we visited the Brossard location on the corner of scenic Rome Boulevard and Taschereau or as I like to call it ye o'134. Not really, but if I dressed in medieval or if fancy took me, perchance a Victorian garb that's what I would call it. Forsooth!


Sunday we had one of Jim's bbq dinners (and greatly anticipated I might add, summer is here officially). I can always count on the in-laws for severing up a great serf and turf dinner. Of course I always get made fun of for not wanting to eat the lobster with the face attached. You wouldn't eat a hamburger with a cow head sticking out the side of the bun, would you? No, that's just stupid. But if it was red and wore it's skeleton on the outside then by all means stick that red skeleton covered hefer right in that bun between some pickles and onions.

And stop….

This therapeutic post was brought to you by Grant's pent up imagination and desire to be a Web 2.0 personality.

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