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Canadian iPhone Release in April?

I paid the now open and packed Micro Boutique a visit on the weekend. It's quite a small  and underwhelming store but there must have been 30 people in there. It might have had something to do with celebrating their 25th anniversary.

Now here's the interesting bit. For their anniversary they are having a draw for an iPhone (that goodness it looks like 1.1.3) which ends April 20th. No word if it's the 4, 8 or 16GB version.

So here's the two possible scenarios:

  1. Apple is releasing the iPhone in Canada and Micro Boutique is giving one away for their anniversary.
  2. Micro Boutique is giving away a jailbroken iPhone.

The second scenario seems much more plausible but could get Micro Boutique in hot water with Apple. Last year Apple went after sellers in Asia of jailbeaked iPhones with the threat of $1000 fines. I wonder how Apple would feel about one of their official resellers giving away a jailbeaked iPhone for a contest prize? If it is a jailbroken iPhone, who ever wins it might be a little disappointed when they brick it with a future firmware update from iTunes.

Of course this wouldn't be the first time a jailbeaked Apple device has shown up in stores.

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Jailbreaked iPod Touch at Bestbuy?

I'm no expert but this looks like a hacked iPod Touch on display at my local Bestbuy. Sorry for the poor quality of the shot (my camera refuses to focus on that screen) but you can make out Installer and Sketches buttons. So did someone return this jailbreaked or is the staff having some fun?

The thing I'm worried about is that people are going to demo this and like the Sketches application, buy one and then they'll be disappointed when they get home and discover Sketches in not included. This demo unit is

basically promoting people to hack their iPod Touch.

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