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Cheap Geek: iPhone vs. iPod & True Love

iPhone 4?

When Gizmodo (found/stole/ bought/who knows?) the possible new iPhone in April, I knew who I was taking to the proverbial phone prom. I’d get an iPhone.

The fourth generation iPhone blew my first generation iPod Touch out of the water. With it’s A4 processor, front & rear cameras, higher resolution screen and (presumed) longer battery life I was in love. It could do no wrong and I was counting the days till WWDC when it would be official and I could be united with my true love.

Then reality hit, and hit hard it did. Like all relationships that start off so well we started fighting about where the money was going. I’ve got a great family plan with Rogers or another way of putting is that it’s not as shitty as when they offer now. So skip to the end, It would cost a minimum of $25 a month extra for the 500mb data plan. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot of money but for 500mb it’s insane and over a 3 year contract (before taxes) it would be $900. That kind of money could buy me an HDTV.

It was over. My fleeting hopes of having a relationship with the prettiest phone in the cheer-leading squad were over like a 1980’s teen film.

Then came a leak of another Apple prototype… an iPod Touch with a 2 megapixel camera. 1980’s teen film tip: If you can’t get the girl of your dreams who let’s face it was way too high maintenance, go for her nerdy quite sister with the heart of gold who’s been your shoulder to cry on for the first two acts and is secretly in love with you.

Possible 4th Gen iPod Touch?

A new iPod Touch (fall 2010?) will probably be specked with the same internals as the 4th gen iPhone. An A4 chip, bluetooth, speakers (both of which the 1st gen Touch didn’t have) and a camera would be a dream device for me. I would totally get the 32GB model as my current 16GB is always full. It would be expensive but still cheaper than getting a new desktop that I would never use as I’m always on my Touch.



Grant and iPod Touch 4th generation lean in to kiss each other.

INSERT – Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds.


Add Locality In Safari On iPhone/Touch

Us Canadian's who use an iPhone or iPod Touch might have found it less than efficient not having a dot ca option in Safari when entering web addresses.

Here's how to get it.

Get into International Keyboards and add French (Canada).

  • Settings> General> Keyboard> International Keyboards> French (Canada).

And that's it. Now you'll have a dot ca option in Safari.

Of course any francophone users out there already know this as they might have already added the French keyboard.

The same steps will work for other countries if you add that specific International Keyboard for the native language.

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Headphones Fail… Again

Last April my iPod Touch headphones broke and Apple quickly replaced them since they were still under warranty. Unfortunately, the replacement ones have also failed.

This time I thought I would just grin and bear it, but the final straw was having to use electrical tape to hold the whole thing together.

Like I've said before, I can't believe that the headphones have failed… again. Before you think I use my headphones as an Indian Jones whip or jumping rope here's the breakdown of my iPod usage. I have a dock dock in the car, my computer speakers at work so I only use them in bed for occasional listening. The rest of the time they sit on my night stand.

I hope Apple will replace the replacement since I really don't want to use my 15 year old Sony headphones (that are still in one piece and working) or shell out some money to buy some replacements.

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Hand Over Your iPod

In Montreal there has been a few attacks and stabbings of late in the Metro and the culprit seems to be iPods. No, the iPods aren't stabbing people but muggers sure are and portable music players are very tempting target.

Yesterday CTV Montreal News covered the trend and SPVM has advised people to keep their iPods out of sight on the Metro.

That's good advice, unfortunately in today's fast paced, sound byte news they left out a critical point.

When out in public ditch those trademark white ear buds for anything else. Nothing screams I've got a $300+ music player and come and get it like those do.

And if you want to go to extreme lengths, you should  always carry an old media player along with your iPod so you can hand that over when / if mugged. Because we all have a few of those lying around. Think of it as recycling .

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Good Feelings Gone

That's strike two Steve. I'm starting to lose that warm and fuzzy feeling where Apple can do no wrong.

Interesting that the 16GB version of the touch sans the January software update is $50 off and $100 cheaper than what they are now calling the Touch V2. It's also the same price as the 8GB model. I guess FutureShop is trying to liquidate the old stock.

Financially you'd be better off buying the older version of the 16GB and playing $20 for the update on iTunes there by saving $90. I'm sure there are some people who won't know this and will get suckered into buying the Touch V2 on the recommendation of commission based sales people.

So when you are out in the stores be sure to educate our fellow consumers.

And Steve, you better hold off on strike three until I buy a MacBook and am totally committed.

UPDATE: Looks like that price of $319.95 for the old version of 16GB was a limited time thing. It's currently 369.95 and the 32GB is now $499.99.

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Still Touching

It's been a little over a month now since I've had my iPod Touch and I'm still loving it.

Not only does it get me into the exclusive and usually cost prohibitive (MacBook Air cough cough) Mac fan boy club but now I have a reason to listen to MacBreak Weekly without looking like a poser.

Here's a run down on my favorite things for the Touch.

  1. Mobile Internet. Sure I can only use it on wi-fi but I'm usually home anyway and it keeps me from disappearing in to the computer dungeon.
  2. Web Apps. Again internet connectivity is a must for this one. Some of my favorites are the Thincloud Twitter app that does a better job at the mobile interface than Twitter's own in my opinion. The Facebook web app which looks so much better on my home screen now with it's own icon. TV Forcast not only tells me when the next new episode is airing but also offers a short synopsis and links to Tv.com for full show information. And a new one I started using called Flytunes. It lets you listen music on your Touch (I know sounds redundant but it's pretty nice). There's doznes of themed music channels to listen to and it works pretty good on my old B Wi-Fi router.
  3. iTunes. The only music I've even bought off iTunes has been with the Touch. The interface is of course perfectly thought out and it's so simple I have to be careful or I'll max out my credit card (not no really but it easy to buy music).
  4. The January Software Update. IMAP mail and Google maps alone is worth the $20 I spent on it. And emailing Notes is pretty useful to moblog on VOX.
  5. Twins video to iPod-Zune-PSP-3GP. This program convert your other miscellaneous video for the iPod. Its great software, simple to use and most importantly free. The video I've converted looks great on the Touch.

But with any relationship there are always a few things that drive you crazy.

  1. Saving trips in Maps. If you foolishly leave the trip map it's gone and out on the road there's no way to get the turn by turn directions back. Also can I just download all the street level maps for my province also? Please?
  2. Podcasts in iTunes. Downloading podcasts when you are out and about would complete iTunes on the Touch for me.
  3. Mail using my gmail address book. It's really annoying to have IMAP email on your Touch and it only grabs the contact list that is stored locally on the Touch.
  4. Organizing Videos. Dividing videos into Videos, Music and Podcast (on the same screen) just doesn't cut it for me. Having dozens of videos without even a basic search feature let alone a folder structure can be maddening.
  5. Flash in Safari. Even the Wii can play embedded flash videos and it costs less than my iPod did. Oh and it also has games Steve.

But even these few reasons can't stop me from loving my iPod Touch.

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Technology QotD: First Gadget of the Morning

Alarm clock aside, what is the first gadget you use in the morning?

I saw this over on Majicke's VOX and had to answer it.

My iPod Touch of course. I usually fall asleep with it in bed reading VOX (unfortunately I cannot post directly to VOX or leave comments on neighbors posts), news sites or checking my Facebook. So it's right there in the morning. I first check my email then all my sites all over again.

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You Win This Round Steve… He’s My 20 Bucks

I was totally checking out the live blogging when Steve gave his key note Tuesday at MacWorld Expo. I'm not going to go into great detail since there are those who actually attended the event and I can simply link to their coverage, like Engadget or MacBreak Weekly for example.

So yes I did spend the $20 to upgrade my Touch to get mail, maps, weather, stocks and notes. Yes I know they were included free on the iPhone from the start and moving forward now on the Touch. Yes I know that I could do two of the five simply by looking out a window or going outside. But this was my first Stevenote where I actually had an Apple product ever. I love the maps feature and how magically you can get an approximate location by a wifi-connection. Thanks Skyhook now I'm war driving trying to find open hot spots.

But you nickel and dime me again Steve and look out, I just might just have bring the full weight of my blog to Apple's doorstep.

Here's the next item I got excited about. No, not the MacBook Air , I mean something I could actually afford without selling one on my children's souls for a down payment. It was the announcement of the Family Guy DVD Star Wars spoof Blue Harvest. Even thought I've seen it (thanks to bittorent) I'm going to purchase it (because of bittorent) and for a first time, brand new feature that has never been done before (at least to my knowledge) on a DVD. Digital Copy! They actually give you a digital copy that you can move to your computer, personal video player or whatever. I never thought I would see the day. So get out there right now (unless it's the middle of the night for you, then wait till tomorrow) and support this feature and maybe just maybe we will see it on every DVD release.

Of course this is one of those things I'll be telling my kids about in 20 years how you used to buy movies and television on DVD and even thought you bought it and it was yours and you only wanted a personal copy, you had become a criminal to break the copy protection and then take the equivalence of an university degree on video bit rates and format conversions and programs that were originally written in Japanese get it to play on your GBA SP. And then they'll ask me what's a DVD. I feel so old already.

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CIB #3 or The Hell of Finding a Good FM Transmitter

Sometimes the shinny isn't worth the frustration.

When I got my iPod Touch, I splurged and picked up the Belkin iPod Car Kit (the clerk gave me 60$ of the price, how could I say no) and today I returned it.

I have an old iRiver FM Transmitter that seriously out preformed the Belkin. My old iRiver could over power every single FM station I set it to and once plugged in, it was set it and forget it. The Belkin on the other hand would have trouble producing a continuous and constant level of signal between FM stations.

Sure it was nice to have the car charger for the Touch, but it wasn't worth it getting in an accident while messing about with the damn thing.

So here's the happy ending.

Donna had also got me a FM transmitter / iPod Charger for Christmas but didn't even wrap it (and said we should return it) because she only noticed after she got home that it was for the iPod and iPod Mini. We hadn't returned it so decided to give it a chance.

It's the DigiPower iPod Navigator. She picked it up on sale for 10$ and all I can say what a deal. Sure it looks clunky, like something you might purchase at a high end Dollar Store and it only has a slider to select the four FM presets that you can't change, but I still highly recommend it. Not only does it charge the Touch, but it can over power a local FM station that just happens to be one of the FM presets.

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