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iPhone 4 Hunt

Unicorns discuss elusive iPhone4

First off let me preface this with, yes I know it’s just a phone. It doesn’t cure the sick, end world hunger or walk on water (but I’m sure it would skip really well across a lake before it sunk).

My iPhone 4 hunt began on launch day (July 30th here in Canada). I was at my local Rogers branch an hour and a half before they opened and 4th in line, it’s not like I slept out overnight or something crazy. Once the store opened, I discovered that they only had the 16GB model I left. Sorry I’m picky. Little did I know that my Rogers store only had three in stock and the first guy in line bought two of them.

I then went on vacation for a week and a half with the family and told myself I’ll just get one when I get back. Not the best plan.

Upon my return I discovered that Rogers had no stock and had not received any since launch. Also Rogers affiliates now had waiting lists of well over 100 people. The Rogers owned and operated stores were on a first come first serve basis.

Currently I am on ten waiting list from one end of the South Shore of Montreal to the other and call the other nine locations without waiting lists on a regular basis. Still no luck.

I have come close twice. The first time was two weeks ago when a Rogers Plus store had one in stock but couldn’t hold it for me till I finish work. By quitting time it was long gone. The second was much more annoying.

What follows is the post that was not approved on Rogers Redboard post regarding the iPhone4 launch.

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Ok here’s my horror story of the day.
I find a place with a 32gb iphone 4 in stock (actually they had a few in stock) waited in line for 45mins and then am told that they can’t do upgrades, just new account?!?!?! Even though I am out of contract.
So with the 17 combined years of service with Rogers between my cell and my wife’s you have to be a NEW client to get a phone!?!?!

So I called Rogers to complain about it. They said that they were sorry and understood & apologized for my emotional torment. They were sold out but would you like a Rocket stick? No thank you. So that rep transferred me to another rep in another department and he again said that they were sorry and understood & apologized for my emotional torment, but they could give me a 3gs 8gb. If I wanted a 3gs I could have picked one up in the last 6 months with no lines. I wanted the iphone 4 model.
He told me that the affiliate store was unable to do hardware upgrades.

So my problem is which affiliate stores can do upgrades and how many of the stores I am no a waiting list are going to be allowed to actually sell me one when my name does come up?
The only reason that store even had any left was that they only do new clients. They suggested that I cancel my account and get a new one.
This totally ruins my friday, thanks Rogers 😦
Worst. launch. ever. 😦

Now just so you don’t think I’m completely a whiny baby, I can understand that it really wasn’t pertinent to the thread and they might not want some bitchy post spreading FUD on their official site. On the other hand there are lots of posts about people talking about canceling their service and saying a lot worse stuff then I did. Of course I went on and did a bunch of pissy (and I thought hilarious) twitter updates expressing my frustration here, here and here.

A common point of frustration for Rogers clients comes from the fact that we can not buy it online from Rogers and wait for a delivery (like you can from Bell). Rogers has said on their RedBoard that “We hoped to avoid a situation where we took orders without being able to guarantee when we’d deliver devices.” That’s a fair point but either way Rogers is going to have people calling them about stock in stores or when their iPhone is going to ship. Not excepting online orders places the task of dealing with their clients on the stores and not Rogers customer service and undoubtedly is a cost saving measure. For example Planète Mobile head office told me the reason that their stores were not answering the phone for two weeks was because they were simply swamped with calls about the iPhone 4.

My main fear about missing out on the iPhone4 is the limited time offer (till September 30th) of a 6GB data plan for $30. While still expensive for me, it’s better than their usual $25 for 500mb plan. If I wasn’t on this deadline, I would be happy to wait till December to find one. With the limited stock Rogers is receiving it might actually take that long. I have not personally heard of a location getting more than 8 iPhones a week.

If I pass the deadline and still no iPhone 4, the next iPod Touch if having similar features to current iPhone will probably replace my gen one iPod Touch (who’s wifi has failed) and save me $30 a month for at least two years. Hello iPhone 6! At which point I’ll have been out of contract with Rogers for two and a half years.

So until I get one I’m just going to let it go and stop calling stores about stock. I have enough stress in my life already without worrying about getting a new expensive phone made out of glass with an also expensive monthly plan.

Cheap Geek: iPhone vs. iPod & True Love

iPhone 4?

When Gizmodo (found/stole/ bought/who knows?) the possible new iPhone in April, I knew who I was taking to the proverbial phone prom. I’d get an iPhone.

The fourth generation iPhone blew my first generation iPod Touch out of the water. With it’s A4 processor, front & rear cameras, higher resolution screen and (presumed) longer battery life I was in love. It could do no wrong and I was counting the days till WWDC when it would be official and I could be united with my true love.

Then reality hit, and hit hard it did. Like all relationships that start off so well we started fighting about where the money was going. I’ve got a great family plan with Rogers or another way of putting is that it’s not as shitty as when they offer now. So skip to the end, It would cost a minimum of $25 a month extra for the 500mb data plan. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot of money but for 500mb it’s insane and over a 3 year contract (before taxes) it would be $900. That kind of money could buy me an HDTV.

It was over. My fleeting hopes of having a relationship with the prettiest phone in the cheer-leading squad were over like a 1980’s teen film.

Then came a leak of another Apple prototype… an iPod Touch with a 2 megapixel camera. 1980’s teen film tip: If you can’t get the girl of your dreams who let’s face it was way too high maintenance, go for her nerdy quite sister with the heart of gold who’s been your shoulder to cry on for the first two acts and is secretly in love with you.

Possible 4th Gen iPod Touch?

A new iPod Touch (fall 2010?) will probably be specked with the same internals as the 4th gen iPhone. An A4 chip, bluetooth, speakers (both of which the 1st gen Touch didn’t have) and a camera would be a dream device for me. I would totally get the 32GB model as my current 16GB is always full. It would be expensive but still cheaper than getting a new desktop that I would never use as I’m always on my Touch.



Grant and iPod Touch 4th generation lean in to kiss each other.

INSERT – Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds.


Add Locality In Safari On iPhone/Touch

Us Canadian's who use an iPhone or iPod Touch might have found it less than efficient not having a dot ca option in Safari when entering web addresses.

Here's how to get it.

Get into International Keyboards and add French (Canada).

  • Settings> General> Keyboard> International Keyboards> French (Canada).

And that's it. Now you'll have a dot ca option in Safari.

Of course any francophone users out there already know this as they might have already added the French keyboard.

The same steps will work for other countries if you add that specific International Keyboard for the native language.

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And On The Thrid Revision…

After all this time there will finnally be cut and paste on the iPhone / iPod Touch 3.0 Software release.

All kidding aside, cut & paste while a basic need that users have been begging for (myself included) there are other features that will be included in the summer release.

  • In App Purchases will let you buy more levels in games or add ons for applications for example. Hopefully it just won't be used to micro payment us to death.
  • Landscape mode is now available in mail for typing. Not a killer point for me, but some people are dying for this.

  • Push Notification Service. Apple can push information to your applications like AIM or hopefully FaceBook so you don't have to load said application to be updated on messages received. It's not background processes but it's better than nothing. Hopefully they will deliver on this feature, unlike last years promise of push notification that never materialized .
  • The Maps application can now be integrated into other applications and developers can (with their own maps) enable turn by turn directions using the GPS.
  • Peer to Peer Connectivity will let people play head to head games or share information in applications.
  • Accessories will connect to the 30 pin connector or by Bluetooth  and communicate with your iPhone / iPod Touch. First generation iPod Touch owners are out of luck since we do not have Bluetooth. Some very cool possiblites here and I can also see some very expensive hardware as well.

  • iPod Library Access allows you to better control your music when inside a game or application.

Up to now I've payed $30 for software upgrades to my iPod Touch (while they have been free for iPhone owners) and it looks like I'll be spending another $9.99 when version 3.0 is released and I'm fine with that I really am.

Even paying $40 is still less than one month of service with Rogers for the iPhone and I would have payed at least $1350 over the past 15 months I've had my Touch.

That doesn't mean I wouldn't want to have an iPhone if someone was willing to pay for it.

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Gen 1 iPhone’s Hiding Out in Canada

When Steve released the first generation iPhone he had the great idea to recess the headphone jack so you would only use Apple headphones (or buy an adapter).

With the iPhone 3G release that issue was rectified as Steve decided to let the consumer use any kid of headphones with his phone.

The 3G iPhone has been the only iPhone released in Canada to date (come on iPhone Nano). Sure you could have got a jailbroken one for a kings ransom but you lived in fear of it being bricked and no support from your carrier.

So here's my question. Since Best Buy is carrying the headphone adapter does that mean A) that there are so many jailbroken iPhones around that due to demand that they are now carrying them. Or B) is it simply an inventory screw up and no one realized that the gen one iPhone was never released here. A little column A and a little column B perhaps?

Does Bust Buy know that they are supporting the black market by carrying this?

Or maybe I should just shut up and be happy that the lady at customer service gave me the online sales price ($79.99) for my new iHome iPod alarm clock.

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Apple on Fire Say Annalists, Figuratively and Literally

Apple is on fire with the new iPhone 3G. As if you didn't know.

According to Steve Jobs the App Store has sold $30 million dollars worth of apps in it's first month with 60 million downloads (most of which were free apps). While Jobs is mute on how many iPhones have been sold some say 3 million iPhones have been sold in the first 30 days of it's launch.

And there are still line ups for Apple's little phone.

Yesterday evening there was a fire at the Cupertino headquaters of Apple. The three alarm fire took more than 60 firefighters to extinguish and was under control by 12:30am Wednesday morning.

No one was injured (that's why I'm making light of the subject).

I'm just wondering if this fire could not have been started by the shere awesomeness and epic power of the new secret product that Apple will be unveiling this fall that was hinted at during the latest Apple earnings call?

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iPhone Canada Lauch

 8:55am I swung by the local Rogers store to see what was going on.

There was about 10 people in the line. One looked like a senior citizen and a kid of at most 10 years old and they both looked like they were with family.

Inside the store I could see they had an iPhone on display and the workers were quite the busy bees getting ready for the opening of the store.

Now I'm just waiting for the 2.0 firmware software. Unfortunately it looks like the iTunes store is coming back with an error message.

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iPhone in Canada

I'm not going to got into specifics, there are others doing a much better job at that then me.

I just want to express my excitement that July 11th I could walk into a Rogers or Fido store and see (and hopefully touch) a real live iPhone.

Now god only knows how much the phone will cost per month. Steve says the phone itself will start at $199 world wide.

Last year I remember Amber Macarthur saying that there was no equivalent data plan in Canada for what AT&T was charging in the States and that it would be a couple a hundred dollars a month for such service here. Obviously this has been addressed but it still ain't going to be cheap.

Well I still have a year and a half left on my Rogers contact to see if it's financially feasible to get one. And I certainly will be paying the $10 to upgrade for my iPod Touch, It still has some life in it.

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Twitter Bracing For WWDC?

With WWDC set to explode twitter later today, it looks like they are talking some preventative steps to keep the tweets flowing.

Of course I still got the following error message from Twitter. If might have been due to everyone trying to get in one last tweet before WWDC takes twitter down.

I'll be following engadet's  live coverage and maybe swing by Twit Liv

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