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Is HD-DVD Dead?

I know, I know. Toshiba has pulled the plug on the format and the list of forth coming titles on HD DVD are shrinking fast. But I still think there is some life left in the format… maybe.

On a recent window shopping trip to Future Shop I overheard two guys talking how they couldn't wait for the prices to drop on HD-DVD titles. I told them it's a dead format and the agreed. Their logic was that they could get HD titles at DVD prices. To top it off they were Future Shop employees on their day off hanging out at the store. They actually thanked me for the public service of telling them.

In other Future Shop news, they are offering a trade in on HD DVD players. You get a $100 credit towards a combo player Blu-ray / HD DVD player. At least you don't lose your investment in all those HD DVD titles you bought. What they don't tell you on the only two dual format players they have are $799.99 & $899.99, ouch. I'm not sure how this compares to Circuit City's unpublicized return policy on HD DVD players. But at least Future Shop doesn't care where you bought them just bring them in.

If you were wondering, Future Shop will donate your old HD DVD player to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada. That's great, but do the Boys & Girls Clubs really have that many HD televisions (must start hanging out at the Boys & Girls Club more). And what about new titles to watch? Unless they are just going to use them as up converting DVD players, I don't see the point.

UPDATE: Stupid Engadget. You know if you guys had real jobs you wouldn't be so fast on the posts either.

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HD DVD Aftermath

Now that the format war is over with HD DVD conceding defeat to Blu-ray, where does this leave those early adopters of the now obsolete HD DVD format? To find out, I contacted both Future Shop and Best Buy communications departments.

Both Future Shop and Best Buy as one would expect are pointing clients to their in house tech support (FutureShop forums and the Geek Squad respectively) to answer questions about Blu-ray. Though Best Buy does say that starting in March they "will prominently showcase Blu-ray hardware and software products in its stores and online". I would also think Future Shop will be doing the same even if they did not mention such a move explicitly.

Future Shop and Best Buy are liquidating their HD-DVD players (one is available for $99) but they made no mention of any similar price reductions on films. We might have to wait a while since there are still films scheduled for release on HD-DVD well into May 2008.  I would think that we'll see this list shrink as studios want to cut their losses on the dead format will cancel HD-DVD releases in favor for Blu-ray, but perhaps not all. Dreamworks animation has some questions about dropping HD-DVD for the moment.

On the bright side if you unfortunately joined the HD-DVD camp both Future Shop and Best Buy will continue to honor warranties and offer support. But the clock is ticking on this and eventually (in years) I would expect them to no longer  do so.

Now lets start the real format war… Blu-ray versus DVD.

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The War’s Over

According to a post on HDDVD.com Toshiba has announced that they will cease production of HD DVD players and recorders by the end of March.

So to everyone who bought a HD DVD player and started building a catalog, congratulations you are the proud owner of 2008's betamax.

Engadget also has a post covering the end of the format war.

I am so glad right now that I never had the money to get into the format war to start with. Now let's see how long before Blu-Ray becomes obsolete and is superseded by a new format? 5 years? 10 years?

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